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Status of next slow boat from china

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My parent's never have seen the full extent of my genius, preferring to call it insanity so they can sleep at night.




Ahem. Yes, it does seem that this thread has gone quite off topic.

I fall into the category of "it gets here when it gets here. Minipocalypsmas is a happy event to be shared...

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Well its good to hear there might be some news soon... I havent been particularly dismayed by the delays, but by the same token Im sure there arent many people by now who arent eager to see the end.


Only downside on my part is the delays gave me extra time for real life to intervene and cause a bit of buyers remorse. But thats not Reaper's fault.

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So whenever this thread goes off topic and a mod comes in waving a hammer we should point at you Jeri and say "He did it!!"?


To try to thwart you somewhat, I'll try to say something on topic:


There are some good things about not recieving my Bones yet!


1. More time to clean the space I'll be sorting them in.

2. More time to get materials needed to prep and paint figures, including a cheap pan for boiling so I don't use one actually used for food.

3. More time to figure out where to store them in the future.

4. More time to come up with good excuses why it's not a big deal that my room will be full of plastic....


I've already said I'll be taking pictures of my preciouses....and my bf actually sounds very interested in them. As I knew he would be. He was sooo against the idea of plastic minis vs metals, and now he sounds intrigued and has taken to pouting a bit when I tell him he can't have them. He got very disappointed that I won't give him his Clockwork Dragon till his birthday. He has to wait till october for that. Mwahahahaha! But I may let him have his paints early, or one set of them.

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