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Goblin's reaper shipment came in this afternoon while we were playing pathfinder. Excuse the shaky cam as Vince started chasing me around the store to get my phone away after I took this... seems he's against getting his picture taken and the woman work's there also... very cosmopolitan for a game store. so extras they had were a kala cthulhu and wrymgear unless some of the other boxes in the back had anything else I believe the final count was 7 vampire boxes.




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Got my nethermaul tonight, they scrounged up one from someone who didn't pick up their preorder.
There's a couple of gaps I'm going to have to touch up with liquid green stuff but over all I'm Very happy with how sturdy this guy is, And for the moment I'm not sharing My plans for it Untill I get started on it.



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I tend to bounce around and paint whatever happens to suit my mood, after getting off work yesterday I cleaned/assembled kala maul and started playing around.
splattered crimson is going to be my base muscle color with some lighter reds and pinks and whites for tendon's and fat and prehaps some black/gray drybrushing for rot., I'm still deciding on dragon type at this point.

Oh and stupid mistake of the week, Paint the hard to reach spots BEFORE you assembly the mini.........



There was a Huge gap behind his head, about thick enough for a quarter to fit into >.<


Smoothing out the gap in the ribs.



Chest gaps









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found a warhammer site that sold the "bits" I wanted to add to maul... now to wait till they come in.


I should add a Point I didn't pay anywhere Near retail >,> I despise warhammer price scales.


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Parts came in this morning... Holy crap they are TINY






and here's what it's supposed to look like.





Got the throne and legs cleaned and assembled, Now it's Off to run my pathfinder game.



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doing some test base coating to see how I like it.




Mmmm blurry...



also I'm finished with the colossal skeleton, will see about getting some pic's after work tonight.

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Looks like the right blue to me. So you are adding a rider? Very clever!

Yes the difficult part is going be in the placement as it doesn't have a secure fit and is prone to falling off to one side, I'm toying with the idea of pining the seat to maul's spine.

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    • By Iridil
      Needed a bunch of ghoul types so grabbed a bunch or bones ghasts - and added in one of the bones IV ghouls. Not sure how I feel about the ghasts, I turned out kind of not liking them and regretting the purpleish color. An relearning I should never paint groups larger than 3 - I don't have the attention span....
      The grey themed bones iv ghoul made me smile though -
      quick paints for a graveyard scene. Tried adding some grey mud to the brown.

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      So anyone who follows my planned goals for hobbying/painting in the Speed Painting subforum knows that I don't fair very well when it comes to monthly goals; I barely got one month's goal done last year. So this year I've decided to give myself a bit of leeway: an entire year to try to complete five hobby goals from 25 possibilities. The idea was inspired from Rob Hawkins' blog, that I've sporadically read for a few years.

      I've tried to tailor my card to areas in which I typically struggle yet still retain some fun, as well as to make sure that no path to victory is entirely easy for me. Given that I finished no models last year, this should still prove quite a challenge for me.
      A couple squares are time sensitive goals. To provide myself with a bit more incentive, I've decided to incorporate some health goals into the mix should I fail to achieve them. For example, if I'm attempting the assembly of 10 model in under a week, however many models I fall short by equals a number of physical exercises. I'm looking forward to it (both the exercise and getting through some of my stash).
      I'll do my best to post here so you all can keep me honest. Don't be afraid to ask me about my progress!
    • By dks
      Look at this cute fellow!  But don't look directly at his eyes.  Too late?  Uh-oh, I'm sorry if you just turned to stone.
      Anyway ... this is the Basilisk, #77371 in Bones.



      The color scheme is inspired by the iridescent plumage of a bird, the White-faced Ibis (Plegadis chihi).  My folders of saved wildlife references include a photo of an ibis whose wing has golden, green, and orangey-pink metallic tones, and its head is more purplish-pink.
      I clipped away part of the integral base and built up this rocky base with putty.
      I added bits of two metal figures as the basilisk's petrified victims: the head is one of the 3 options for the Death Warden (Dark Heaven 03083), and the leg is from my Dwarf Shieldmaiden (Warlord 14379).  I imagine that the basilisk ate the rest of those 'statues' and left these for later snacking. 
      The grass is a preformed "Winter Tuft" product (dull yellow-green and black) with painted highlights, and the leaves are dried oregano, fully painted.
      I had used this basilisk as a demonstration figure at ReaperCon 2019 ... or maybe 2018 ... in my "Painting Fur, Feathers, and Scales" class. 
      It was all dark green, with just the front right shoulder area painted with highlights simulating smooth shiny scales. 
      It sat on my shelf since then.  I wanted to paint something small and relatively simple, so I mentally kicked around a few color schemes without conclusion until I rediscovered the image of the ibis last week.
      I spent a couple of hours wet-blending the colors, and then a few more hours glazing and stippling, shifting the scales green and pink and purple and yellow-ocher and orange, etc.
    • By Thrym
      After assembling the Graveyard Golem I decided I wanted to adjust the warp of the gates on the golem's back.
      So using two copper staples, I shaped them to an arch and gouged a notch on each wing.  Then cut the staple to leave a sharp point.  After that, I insert the staple using pliers and force.

      Next I will secure the wire to the gate posts with superglue and then shape the wire and wing to the desired warp.  Once setup I will glue the wire to the remaining gate bars.
      With the main new bars secured, I will intertwine some floral wire to dress up the bars and gate wings.
      Stay tuned and Enjoy.  Please stay safe. 
    • By MoonglowMinis
      Unfurl the mainsails and weigh anchor!  Finally got around to showing off this fantastic pirate captain mini.  Though I've collected quite a few pirate minis in preparation for a nautical D&D campaign, this model was the first I have painted outside of the LTP Kit.  I felt he was missing something pretty important so I sculpted a hat for him.  Pretty happy with the result.  You can see more about how I painted him and my other nautical-themed minis in my Dark Tide WIP thread HERE.

      I am most proud of the jacket and sleeves which I wanted to appear as worn leather.  I think I was successful.  I look forward to painting up a crew for this captain.  Recently discovered a few pirate crews from Warmachine that are calling my name.
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