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I love this pic.



"No no, I said click top right....never mind I'll do it!"


Also, very nice paint job. I really have to put one these guys together.


I would Really recommend it, I learned a lot about working with bones (not meaning the material but boneish monsters) also very fun to paint.

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Been a bit busy lately and haven't been painting, I took some time last night after work to play around with an idea as far as getting a base coat down.
I mixed about 4/1 matte medium to sapphire blue and went to work Over all I'm liking the slightly muted color, It still acts slightly like a wash so it took some extra coats but Over all much easier than a traditional wash on a bones.


will add some pictures soonish.

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So like i was saying I used a lot of matt medium and a little bit of paint as a "wash" for base coating and here's the result. after this experiment I think this is going to be my preferred method of base coating large bones. Much less paint used to cover the areas there's still some sections that need additional coats but.






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So we had a blast at boo at the zoo, and I just spoke with Adrienne (spelling?) @reaper about getting the missing head shipped for my frost worm from the kickstarter, Very friendly and helpful as always.
So I'm heading to work soon >,> backed up paper work from taking a few days off, I plan on getting some more painting done tomorrow morning and updating with some pictures.

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took today off work after a rough weekend shift and took a crack at my Long unfinished Maul.









ignore the black glaze on the horns that was a mistake that will be corrected.


need to clean the upper jaw a bit but it's a start.




the black glaze did wonders here imo.





went over the graveyard bone with some lighter vampire flesh



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