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Spooky kid from Hasslefree (HFA039 Rose)


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This mini is tiny. She's a little girl on a 15mm base.


post-8022-0-04013500-1368219374.jpg post-8022-0-98739500-1368219393.jpg post-8022-0-38936100-1368219407.jpg


I loved the spooky gas mask look on the little kid with the British school uniform.


I tried to paint the base like asphalt, like I did with the Hasslefree vampire figure Dionne. The chief difference is this girl has a shadow where the vampire figure didn't.


EDIT: 15mm, not half an inch. Still tiny.

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Awesome! Great gritty base. And the socks are spot on.


I love this mini, as I was a huge fan of the Dr. Who episode with all the people with gas masks grafted to their faces. I rank that one as second only to the Angels episode in scariness. I used this mini myself in a tabletop RPG d20 CoC game we played, based in Silent Hill. The little girl ended up being one of the creepiest parts.

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