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In anticipation of my Kickstarter Bones showing up soon (I hope!), I picked up Learn to Paint Kit 1, as well as a few extra of the already-existing bones, a couple more colors of paint, and a couple extra brushes. Here's my first completed mini ever - the Anhurian Man-At-Arms from LTPK1:




I decided to go with red instead of blue on the cloth, and I think that turned out well. My only disappointment with that color choice is that the leather straps on his legs didn't turn out with enough contrast to be very visible. I had some fun with a "Shining Amethyst" color on the pommel of his sword and the studs on his armor, helm, and shield to add a little bling to him. You can't see them very well in this photo (all I have is a camera phone right now), but in good light the shiny purple is definitely noticeable.


My one major regret and frustration is that darn shield. Is there some trick to getting even layers of paint on a large, flat surface like that? I always seemed to get globs of paint or uneven layers on it.


Here's the Bones Gnoll I'm planning to do next (once I finish that darn rat from LTPK1). Any coloring suggestions or warnings about tricky parts to paint? I was essentially planning to use the same armor+fur techniques from LTPK1 on this guy.




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    • By Minehermit
      I have wanted to get into painting for a long time and have watched days worth of videos on it. i think it shows in how my first minis came out.
      the first was a reaper kobold and he looks a bit sloppy. (on the card for the hobby holder i got because i could not find anything else to put him on for the pic lol)
      next was a blue kobold and a baby dragon, I was still working on how washes work with the blue kobold but the dragon came out better.
      now the one i did today

      I am pretty proud of him, for being my forth mini i think he looks really good. he is colored like a ring neck snake.
    • By Piata
      I just got the learn to pain core kit and it doesn't seem to close properly.

      Is there a trick to it? Cause it seems like the rounded case won't close if you have paints next to the hinge.

      I was hoping to store all my paint from Bones IV in there.
    • By Wonder Woman
      This was AMAZING!! I had no idea such a warm and fun con existed. I was surprised by how both energizing and relaxing it was.
      The only minor issue I had/have is a bit of clarity needed in the MSP judging rubric. I get how it was done (teacher by trade) but I would like to see what criteria was used to define each level breakdown. For instance a bronze exhibited more or less or “x” trait, a silver this, and a gold that. I understand it is subjective (again teacher - high school English to boot) but I think it would help to have something a bit more concrete and in writing going forward to know what to strive for; or at least know where the ballpark is. Otherwise, I can’t speak highly enough about the whole experience. The opportunity to join in and game was great. The painting hijinks was the most fun. I had a hard time pulling myself away to go do other things. Judge feedback was helpful and I even got a shiny bronze medal- which I proudly display next to my minis. 
      I am going to blame the registration desk for my newest addiction- ribbon hunting. Just remember the first ones free! ;p

    • By Noobface
      Hi all, im going to my first UKGE and noticed Reaper being there, are the prices going to be as they are on the site (set to UK) or is there going to be some 'uppage'  due to UK having hundreds of taxes? lol
      I know its kind of late to be asking stuff like this but wondered if anyone know.
      Thanks in advance everyone and anyone! 
    • By FrostLocke
      Never painted a miniature before, or even really worked with paints much, so I did all the research and then used Mr.Bones here for a practice run. How did I do?




      I sort of had to improvise with the paints I had since I bought all this for a different project (I'll make a separate thread). Had to do a couple coats of sepia wash for the brown sack and mixed the black and white to get the gray under-robe. Mixed a little black into the dwarven gold to get the lantern and ropes. Also used a little liquid gold on the lantern so when it reflects light it looks kind of like it lights up.
      Paints used...
      MSP Dragon Black
      MSP Dwarven Gold
      MSP Sepia Wash
      Vallejo Ivory
      Vallejo Liquid Gold
      Testors Dullcote
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