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2864 Shadow Dragon/Khisanth


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That blue gives an interesting effect where the first photo it looks like a blue light is shining down upon the mini.


I like the close up look of the detail you put into the wings of the second photo. Well done! Yet in that photo I like the red with the blue less.

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I have a Khisanth, but no idea what the story is. Is it really a she? Because I totally thought it was a dude dragon.

Khisanth is a male dragon. I know the story very well, and soon my boys will too.


And, as far as the miniature is concerned it is a great paint job! While not a "Krynn black dragon" that would be terrifying enough for any gamer in Xak Tsaroth.

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Most of Dragonlance's dragons are, indeed, male. Khisanth (Onyx, if you prefer the common-tongue name that the Heroes actually know) is one of, I think, three definite exceptions (the others being Matafleur/Flamestrike and the first silver dragon the party meets; there are other females in the universe, but I think those are the only three clearly identified in the novels of the Chronicles). From Dragons of Autumn Twilight:


"Stop, fool!" The dragon hissed. She rested one pointed claw lightly...


The rest of her chapter uses the female pronoun constantly to refer to the dragon.


Also, although I'm not allowed to see it myself (Nissiana thinks I cheat...just because I usually play rogues...), my DM assures me the stat block in the module states, "Female Black Dragon."


And if you don't know the story but want to (and when I say "Spoiler," I'm not kidding!):



Khisanth is the first dragon the Heroes meet, and the first real dragon the world of Good has seen in the last several...thousand? years. The first time the party sees her, she flies up out of a well, is visible for just long enough for everyone to say, "wait, what-?" before casting Darkness and spraying the area with acid. In all likelihood, this kills someone. Maybe several someones, depending on reflex saves (in the dark!). The corpse is dragged into the nearest building, a ruin that turns out to be a long-defunct Temple of Mishakal, one of the True Gods that's been missing for the last 350 years. The party's not-yet-a-cleric hears a whispering voice from the statue of Mishakal, and eventually the dead PC is alive again. The not-yet-a-cleric becomes a True Believer (but still isn't a cleric. At this point, the player is likely playing a fighter-cleric with no spell-casting abilities, no undead-turning, no nothing. So, a crappy fighter without the bonus feats and a middling attack bonus. At least he's got a killer will save).


The party not-yet-a-cleric has just been approached by the goddess Mishakal, the first contact with the True Gods of Good since the Cataclysm; he also carries an artifact, The Blue Crystal Staff, an item of great healing power. Mishakal tells the still-not-a-cleric to "present the staff boldly" to the dragon.


Once in the room with Khisanth, the dragon has a lot of "muahahaha" monologueing to do, and the party is likely to cower in fear, because, you know, dragon. Also, she can fly, and breathe acid, and has, like, eleventy-billion attacks in a single round. However,if a True Follower of Mishakal hits the dragon with the staff (remember, the dragon already probably killed at least one party member in a single round of combat during the first encounter, so walking up to her with what is essentially a large glass toothpick requires a lot of faith in your brand-new patron deity, at this point), the staff, dragon and not-cleric all explode in a flash of blue light.


The party goes through a good hour or so in-game time (maybe twenty minutes for the players) actually thinking the cleric is dead. But it's all good, because the cleric is actually slumbering peacefully, fully healed and spell-charged, up in the Temple. Now there's a true cleric of Good, the party has the Disks (a bible of sorts) with which to propagate religiosity in the land, and one evil dragon is dead. Of course, there are more evil dragons to fight...the modules were originally written as dragon-a-month adventures.


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In order to do a proper critique you'd have to mail it to me. I'll send you my address ;)

I'll...take that under advisement...





And, as far as the miniature is concerned it is a great paint job! While not a "Krynn black dragon" that would be terrifying enough for any gamer in Xak Tsaroth.


Thanks, Darkmeer! When we weren't able to get our hands on an actual Ral Partha Khisanth, we liked this one's long, straight horns and sinewy form enough for Khisanth. The frill works, too, for going off Elmore's version of her. I'm glad you like her.

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She's really pretty.


And, of course if you've read and remember the book, you already know the story. I can remember how I book I read 15 years ago went perfectly, but darned if I can remember what I had for dinner yesterday. :rolleyes:



I painted the RP official version of Kishanth, trying to follow the Clide Caldwell painting, but your's looks better.



Thanks for the props, guys!


Doc, I'm really sad I didn't have a copy of the Partha version of her, but I'm glad you think this one came out well. Eventually, I want to do the same thing and paint the Partha to look like the artwork (though I plan to use the Elmore painting at the well). This version is certainly informed by Caldwell and Elmore's colorations, but it isn't nearly glossy enough IMO.

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