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Goldar the Barbarian - 2nd version this year - This one a Commission


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I know this is a popular mini and is pretty epic, but I am still disappointed by the eyes. There is not a lot of room to actually paint them and I feel you'd be better off just darkening the area and not trying to do the eyes. the other part of this sculpt that could be better are the legs. His thighs are not that realistic and do not look like muscles. I guess the trade off from these things is the overall stance. He reminds me of the" God of War" character from the video game.






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Great paint job. And what do you mean the thighs aren't realistic? Mine look just like that when I flex my muscles.. LOL

do they really? you might want to see your doctor then ;)


I like the paintjob. some parts lack smoothness, and I'm not sure about the colours you used for the clothing. white with red/yellow combo doesn't look barbaric enough IMHO ::):

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