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Kenjiro, The Ronin, Tale of War Miniatures - Another Commission


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Here is another mini from another company I had never painted a mini from. I like the pose from Tale of War Miniatures from Coolminiornot.com #TOW030006. I was asked to paint it as much like the image on the Blister Card that came with it painted by MiniArtProductions. The photos do not do it justice, but I think I got close, But I am not yet in the class of the original piece's artist.


Blister Card Art:



My attempt at duplicating it:



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I like the contrast on the black. Very stark, but without turning grey.


now, get that level of contrast on other elements of your paintjob like clothes or skin. I guess you've sent it to your client already, so it's just a general remark for the future ::):

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