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03419: Vaeloth, Hellborn Paladin

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Great Job! My only critique would have to be on the basing, it looks to need a little clean up, but if this is a gaming piece it is not that big a deal. Most of what I do is closer to display style, so I sometimes get caught up in that mode of thought.

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Im painting the same mini. Mine came out too dark, and moncromatic. I wasn't sure about the end of the tail, but looking at your pictures I see a buckle, which means you painted it correctly as artificial.

I am definately going to steal your choices of which pieces of armor to add addtional color to.

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Nice work! Glad my WIP helped you on the skin.

Did you mean to say "first mini I have done in over [some span of time, like a year]"?

What is the symbol on the shield?


I agree with @cookjimjr and @Nameless, a quick coat of black paint on the sides of the base will give it a nice, neat finish.


@Evilhalfling: Yeah, there's armor (tightly buckled on) at the tip of the tail. When I sculpted him, I figured that full plate armor on the tail would be too heavy, but the end of the tail could be swishing around as he fought, so it deserved some protection. Not necessarily the most practical solution, I admit. Maybe I should have put leather or chain over the rest of the tail.

Anyway, take photos of how your version looks now (dark and/or monochromatic though you may think it) and post it as a Work in Progress.



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im about to start work on this same mini same paint colors of a event on of the hobby shops by me is doing. the only thing im gonna try diffent this time around is instead of using a metallic paint for the sword im gonna try and do nmm also need to try and find a good hight light color for the dark armor. any help for the nmm and idea for the hight lights for the armor will be welcome

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