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I started painting my ringmaster Sophie last night and put a little more work in tonight. Still working on base coating. I thought I did a really great job with the eyes... then I took a look at my photo. I think the right eye (her left) needs to get redone.


post-8582-0-80610800-1368495823_thumb.jpg post-8582-0-75630600-1368495827_thumb.jpg


Colors used so far: Carnival Purple, Big Top Red, Palamino Gold, Noir Black, Caucasian Flesh

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I think the colors are fairly accurate, though the brown definitely is throwing my eye off. I didn't want to clear off my desk to make room for my normal backdrop. I was pleasantly surprised by the color of Carnival Purple, though with 1 coat over white primer it was really quite bright. It settled down after a few more coats though.

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I've already done some corrections, but because I keep causing myself pain when I splash dark colors where I'm going to put light colors next, I'm trying to minimize that frustration.

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Here's tonight's progress. My plan is for the epaulets to be gold. It's hard to see, but the white shirt is Ghost White.


post-8582-0-74483500-1368583364_thumb.jpg post-8582-0-61146800-1368583369_thumb.jpg


I'm having a hard time deciding what color her tie should be. I have this idea that it should be a contrasting color to draw attention to the center of the miniature, but I'm not sure what color would do that. A quick trip to GIMP and I'm still not sure. (I also took the liberty of filling in her missing eye, which was distracting me). Any thoughts?


Contrasting(?) Colors:

post-8582-0-28010600-1368583466.jpg post-8582-0-50495100-1368583468.jpg post-8582-0-12985500-1368583475.jpg


Matching Colors:

post-8582-0-90153800-1368583470.jpg post-8582-0-99001000-1368583472.jpg post-8582-0-53831400-1368583477.jpg


I am thinking I will do the feathers in this color as well.

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I like the look of the blue out of all of those. Seems to fit nicely framed by the red of the jacket. Should definitely look good with the feathers done the same.

Also going to echo that those base colours look great, and I want some of that purple.

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The blue is very striking, and eye catching, but the purple matches her wings, which ties things together.

Nice work on the eyes. She has such nice eyes to work with doesn't she?


edit. purple matches the hat too

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The blue is very striking, and eye catching, but the purple matches her wings, which ties things together.

Nice work on the eyes. She has such nice eyes to work with doesn't she?


edit. purple matches the hat too


True, if I was going to chose a colour that was already on the mini I'd go with purple. But there's already purple on the wings, hat and shorts so it isn't really necessary, while adding another colour becomes a lot more appealing if it's in more than one place - in this case it would be on the tie and the feather. In fact, if the feathers are going to be any colour other than one in the existing palette, I'd make the tie the same colour so they don't stand out quite so much.

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