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Another ReaperCon 2013 Sophie

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On the studio piece, the bright white face paint draws attention, and the tie kind of fades into the background. I think I'll go with teal - I was leaning that way but thought it might end up clashing rather than contrasting. Thanks for the opinions (won't get to it until tonight, so more opinions are welcome).

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Base coat is 99% done. I've got a few spots that need cleanup, but all the colors are blocked in. I put her on a back-2-base-ix wood plank base. I filled the barrel top with greenstuff and pinned (+ copious superglue) to that.


post-8582-0-71068600-1368913726_thumb.jpg post-8582-0-95162800-1368913736_thumb.jpg

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I finished the basecoat last week (including redoing her left eye again), but the changes are so minor it's not worth posting another version.


Now I'm scared to touch her, because while I can do nice basecoating by simply spending more time on it, the same is not true for highlighting and shading. I don't want to ruin her with my hamfisted attempts at shading. So instead, I painted some oil drums last night :P.


I'll probably start with the wood, to try to get over my irrational fear of this Sophie.

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Anyone out there a fan of thread necros?  I finished up this Sophie this week (after reworking most things - I've gotten better since I last worked on her), and had forgotten about this WIP thread until Google reminded me while I was searching for which Sophie this was.  Protip: don't wait 10 years to finish your minis!



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