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[Practice] Meet Rawr

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Rawr is from a misfit line of minis called Arcane Legions. Rawr isn't his real name, but I can't be bothered to find out what it was. So now he's Rawr.


I picked up some Arcane Legions cheap, just to check them out. Almost all of them went straight into the Bucket of Shame. You can probably see why. The non-paint-job is pretty awful.


I wanted to practice slathering paint on something, so I dug into the Bucket of Shame to select a victim. Rawr kinda grabbed me. The scuplt is actually kinda neat. There's a lot of detail, at least. Not that this paint job would show any of it off.


So, after a good scrub, I slobbered (is this the correct, technical term, Buglips?) some 9236 Black Green / Green Shadow liner on him.




Then started blocking out blocks of color into their respective blocks.


Fur parts and club with 9268 Volcano Brown.

Leather parts, including club handle with 9250 Dusky Skin Shadow.

Clothes 9201 Orange Brown.

Skin 9220 Olive Shadow.




He looks like an escaped convict still wearing what's left of his prison jumper. Given Rawr's lack of impulse control, this is entirely plausible. At least his skin is all the same color now, and you can sort of tell where one element stops and another begins.


I'm still waiting for my KickStarter paints, so I don't have many colors to work with right now. Just stuff I've been picking up on sale. So I have 3 different purples, the olive skin triad, and some browns and greens. Yeah. So that's why he's wearing orange.


Lessons learned: Start inside and work out. Duh. I started with the fur and worked down, finishing with the skin. Probably better to go the other way with that.


Also, photos will show every flaw. He didn't look half bad in hand. The photos are rather unflattering. Oh well.


Next up will be to do some washes and see where things go from there.

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Slobber is indeed a technical term.


Quoted from my old Learn To Paint Kit 2 instructions:


"Apply this wash liberally; in other words, slobber it all over!"



Screwykablooie, however, appears to be all Buglipsism. But if they ever let me make a LTPK, in a fit of pure madness, then I will make it a technical term. Also "minoture" and "magic ghost likwid".

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Soldiering on in the face of almost certain mediocrity.




Did a wash with 9250 Dusky Skin Shadow over fur and club. I think I have the idea of washes, but this just didn't have much contrast from the Volcano Brown base. It does look a bit better / deeper than before, I think.


I threw some of this wash on his right foot, but it just made it too dark.


So, I did a 1:1ish 9220 Olive Shadow : 9268 Volcano Brown wash over his skin. Was fairly pleased with this. 9221 Olive Skin + Olive Shadow up next.


Added some 1:1 9201 Orange Brown : 9249 Sandy Brown to the clothes. Knocked down the prison jumper vibe a bit. Think I'll try some Olive Highlight + Sandy Brown for highlights.


Decided that I should probably do something with the little fiddly details, so hit the ropes, straps and skulls with some Sandy Brown.


As for eyes- we can all agree his eyes are closed here, right? I mean, he's mid-rawr. Clearly his eyes are closed. So I don't have to try to fool around with Bette Davis eyes here. Glad we cleared that up.



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Dry brushing! Ham-fisted highligting! Details!






For clothes highlights I added some 9222 Olive Highlight to the clothes wash I already had. Still feeling my way along with this. I know the transisions aren't subtle enough.


Drybrushed 1:1 9249 Sandy Brown:9268 Volcano Brown on fur and club. Really, really made things look better. Glad I spent a few minutes watching some tutorial videos on dry brushing before I tried this. I would have just made a mess. That brush really does have to be dry!


Skin highlights with 1:1 Olive Shadow:Olive Skin. The skin highlights turned out much better, I thought.


Drybrushed Sandy Brown on fur and club, for highlighting, not all over.


9238 Regal Purple on pouch. Because I'm out of colors. Let the Crown Royal jokes commence!


Skin highlights with Olive Skin. Basically, going with the Olive Skin triad, but one shade darker.


Dusky Skin Shadow to dry brush on hair on skin (hands, feet). Volcano Brown for finger, toe nails, warts. 9222 Olive Highlight on teeth, skulls, necklace. 9240 Royal Purple for pouch highlights.


I'm going to call this done. Not bad for my first mini, I don't think. I'll have to see what I can pull out of the Bucket of Shame next.

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