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Open air market (WIP...Booth #5...Game play terrain)...

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This is booth #5 of my open air farmers market & renaissance fair (RPG) tabletop game board...it is the (Curio Shoppe = Nick Nack Nook).


The booth & boxes are all scratch built...everything was used in the creation of this boot...beads (glass & wooden), real fabric, jewelry findings, N-scale nude railroad figures to make the bronze statues, a real fire opal gemstone (just to the left of the cross)...etc.


The most tedious part of working on this piece was the critical placement of each and every item so that it/they complement each other...show but obscure each other enough to make it look like " organized chaos "...as you might see at a yard sale or thrift shop today. There are a couple of other items that will be placed (after I get the awning in place)...left to do (awning cover, selected signs, standard & items after awning is in place).


PLEASE ADVISE...This is the 5th booth that I have featured/posted; if it has gotten too monotonous...please advise me and I will stop posting the booths from this project...thank you!



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I can't stop marveling how you used those earrings as health/mana potion racks. Utterly fracking brilliant. It’s also incredible how you pulled this off without hardly having to paint anything. You really should put up a picture that includes one of your painted minis in each of these booth threads.

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I wish to thank the following members (Argentee, Doug Saundseth, Girot, Shakandara and Darsc Zacal) for their show of support in my posting of these booths. I was worried that maybe the subject matter was getting monotonous and that I might be considered a monopolist for the "over coverage" of this project.

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