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YouWaShock Painted Minis (updated 1/09 Thief! Archer!)


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These look great! I especially like the first Samaritan guy you posted. I normally prefer fantasy miniatures but I love this sculpt, especially his pose, and I love the way you painted him and his comrads. But the strain creatures and the heroclix look great too.

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These all look good.


The Strain are odd, they are really nice looking, but that ends up being my problem with them. They look clean and neat rather than decayed or savaged. Its not bad, its just not the look I think of when I think of re-animated corpses infused with alien tech. :)

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Could not get into the office last week to post new pics, but here they are now.


In loving memory of Ray. A Bones Minotaur inspired by the Minoton from Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger.




A Zoat. Now that it's done, I can see this model could have used a little bit more TLC before painting. Going to need to go over the last couple better. I love Zoats. Some of my favorite models. Just a basic trooper Zoat with a gun.




More Strain shufflin'.




WHile painting these latest models, I came upon some guys I had finished some months ago but had never based. Malek the berserker champion from Confrontation and some old scool metal Space Marines from my own chapter, the Angels of Truth.






Thanks for looking!

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