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Seven years war 15mm goodness: Some French and Grenzer


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normally I do not grow tired of Carthaginians, but it is so humid around here that spray priming is not an option as of now and I can tend to some already primed miniatures. Gladly the Bones are still not in my hands, so I have enough time to finish not only my histroical stuff, but maybe even branch out in some Fantasy...


However, today I would like to present an almost finished Skirmisher regiment. It is the mid of the 18th century and the struggle known as the Seven Years War is engulfing Europe. Amongst Austrias many dependencies is also a region in Croatia called the Banat region. The following guys represent members of the first Banat-Grenzinfanterieregiment, basically light troops for foraging, skirmishing etc. but they also saw major battles and supported the regular regiments.


I still have to green the bases and thought of adding eyes, but I might just ruin everything if I do so. Does anybody of you guys have an idea how to go for decent looking eyes in 15mm? I thought of playing some Songs Of Shakos and Drums with them, opponents would obviously be some prussian Jaegers.


In some point they might join a much bigger French army featuring some of the regiments of the Reichsarmee (focusing on the Palatinate region). But that is something I will do not too soon.


Critique, hints and praise always welcome.



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A small update for my 15mm Seven Years War stuff.
First off I finally based the Grenzer properly:


I also got some 15mm French through a voucher and wrote a review featuring shots of bare tin and painted up miniatures.

I went for the regiment Royal Roussillon and also supply an overview of the colours used.

Check it out on my Blog.



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