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I'm not sure. It's labelled Fossil, but I don't recall seeing the stand around and am not sure what department it's from.

I know it's not for their watches. I think the compartments are too small for their wallets.


I'm thinking it may have been for ladies accessories or jewellery... I'll see if I can find what area it's from.

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Totally by chance today I happened to come across a small acrylic display case just before it was going to be tossed out at work.

It fits 58 of the Reaper paint dropper bottles perfectly.

*snip image*


Oh that is just wonderful!  I work in a shopping center - I really need to go swing by the trash area and see what is being tossed out!!  There could be a gold mine of racks there!

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Well now that I've got my photo posting issues figured out...



I've made good use of the spice rack building skills I learned in Jr High Woodshop.






This only scratched the surface of my needs, so I built another much larger twice and tall and twice as wide, but not as nice. That didn't do it either so the overflow has gone into a large parts organizer with clear plastic drawers.



I think this is the one





I also build plastic models so I moved my military paints into the bins, separated by nation / service. If I'm building a P-40 Warhawk, I can just take the whole drawer out with the WW2 USAAF colors.

One could easily do the same by color or use, a red drawer, flesh colors, glazes etc. Not tall enough to store the dropper style bottles like Vallejo upright, but works great for Model Master, Citidel / GW, Akan, and Tamiya paint bottles.



Please excuse the mess, the work bench is in need of a pause for reorganization



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