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Bones decoration ideas for non-painters


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So, Bryan suggested a ton of little threads rather than one massive thread, and some people who showed up on that massive thread made it clear they were non-painters.


So, how about suggestions for fun ways to decorate the Bones minis which aren't too hard for non-painters to essay, assuming that they may not wish to put in all the time and effort and money on supplies to learn how to paint 'em.


Basically, it's for people interested in differentiating their Bones on the table without doing full blown paint jobs.


And for anyone looking at this thread alone, please wash the bones with warm water and liquid soap before doing any of these.


For example ...


Glue colored glitter on capes or armor or other notable areas.


Decorate with Sharpies or other permanent markers (but keep the minis away from bright light afterwards because permanent markers do fade).

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not to worry. Mst gamers shun that bright burning orb in the sky, sharpies should be fine.


Me, I think spray paints. Liquitex has a brand of acrylics, Testors still has their enamels (though I have no idea at all how those might work on Bones)

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Another option that, while still technically painting, is quick and simple. Get a bottle or two of some craft paints and a largeish brush and just give your mini's some monochrome paint schemes. If you want to get creative paint the 'heroes' in one color, 'monsters' in another, and so forth.

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i suggest either a wash of paint/ink,,,, or better,,, get the minwax polyurethane with stain,

the miniwax stuff will protect (and a bit harden) the figs,,,, the stain in it will pool in the

details, making them stand out,,,and the process is literally dip then let dry

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I recommend trying things on one of the minis you are not fond of before using it on one or more that you plan to use, Some primers and dips will not dry properly on Bones leaving them a sticky mess. Army Painter spray primers work well on Bones and come in a variety of colors so that might be a suitable method for giving the figures a different look without much work


. Of course, the easiest way is to con one of your friends that likes to paint to do them for you, If you already have a Vampire box, I suspect you would have little trouble convincing one of us who will not see our Bones for a few more weeks to paint a bunch of your fantasy minis to a tabletop game level in exchange for some of the sci-fi or modern figures if you don't plan to use them. That's basically the deal I made to paint a couple dozen figures for a friend.

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For those giving the There Be Dragons to non painters, these 2"x4" marble tiles should make fantastic bases to add heft and class even if the mini is left unpainted. Maybe a FAST & GENTLE dusting with grey spraypaint / airbrush on the dragon to match the base might add to the effect.



dye might be hard. Pingo, your thoughts? Me I fear the hydrophobic properties of the bones would keep dye from taking

I'm guessing a small bit of acetone vapor might change the surface enough to shake things up. Do apply outside, away from open flame. Of course now I'm trying to figure out what applicator one can use to apply acetone vapor without ruining said applicator.

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I read on one of the many forums that acetone melted Bones, though. Or is that what you're going for? (speaking as a current non-painter :) ) As for an applicator, perhaps a disposable makeup sponge, or maybe a rag of some sort?



--OneBoot :D


EDIT: I just re-read and saw that you said acetone vapor, not just acetone, and now I'm wondering if we're talking about the same thing.

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