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Open air market (WIP...Privy (B)...Game play terrain...

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This is a quick followup to the (raw privy) building that I posted a couple of days ago...Here it is fully stained & painted, I made the roof removable so that I can insert the figure (when I get the right one) sitting on the throne.

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Rofl...I like the strewn out TP. :). Nice terrain.

I viewed your CMON postings...very nice work...I like your cork pin stands (I have never used that technique)...I think that I will start using it (hope you don't mind if I steal your idea)!

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Steal away...since I stole from others. One thing I had to do though was white glue the opposite end of the cork to a large Gatorade type lid. This wider base stopped my hands from cramping up holding the corks. It also adds stability when drying as I paint on a lap desk from my easy chair...the only way I can paint and still spend time with the family.

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Steal away...since I stole from others. One thing I had to do though was white glue the opposite end of the cork to a large Gatorade type lid. This wider base stopped my hands from cramping up holding the corks. It also adds stability when drying as I paint on a lap desk from my easy chair...the only way I can paint and still spend time with the family.

Are the plastic lids large & heavy enough to hold a pined figure stable & secure when drying? Wouldn't larger jar lids offer more stability (although they might be more difficult to hold)...The technique that I have always used is drilled dowel sticks to hold my pinned figure...but I very much like your cork idea!

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I haven't had a tipping problem even with the larger metal GW ogre...I'll get a picture when I'm back home. I usually crop the bottom off in my wips.


I have heard people with bad arthritis using a length of PVC pipe with a plug in the end to hold the pinned mini. Say 6" for hand control or a foot long if you want to use the end as a bit of a tripod against your body or bench edge. I got some of my corks at Menard's hardware store and they had some big enough you could jam in the end of a pipe. Of course it would be hard to stand this set up to dry, so you would probably need to use a vase to hold the drying mini and pipe.

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@ Catdancer. Here are a couple recent ones. The Sorcha model is on a standard wine bottle cork. I cut the bottom off, so it would be flat and in this unusual case I Elmer glued it to the inside of the cap.




The plastic Sedition Wars Samariton is on a much smaller test tube size cork, which is big enough for the plastic mini. The GW metal Ogre I did a while back was on a large cork that just about covered the entire cap when I glued it on.




So far I've had very good luck with these. I'm doing a Bombshell Babe at the moment that was too small to pin, so I couldn't use this method. I attached her to a base, glued a piece of sprue to the bottom of the base (to be cut off when done). I then jambed the sprue in an old wooden sewing spool with a bit of clay around the sprue and between the top of the spool and base to secure it.



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      So my daughter just had her first birthday a couple weeks ago and while plenty of people showed up we did end up bringing home a lot of leftovers, dessert in particular. We had about a quarter of a sheet cake and a few cupcakes too. Those cupcakes in particular though had a little something extra, topping each one was a plastic ring. Well I have to admit I couldn't help myself and the wheels started turning.
      After maybe a couple hours from start to finish my "Fabulous" guardsmen" now have a "Fabulous" barricade/firing line. With its very large coverage I think this piece may be better suited to Killteam than 40K though.
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      Here is our current adventuring party for Iron Kingdoms.  We started a new campaign shortly after Reapercon, so I was able to make use of several of the convention minis.
      This party is quite an odd mix of races.  Lately, I've been quite fond of having a semi-cohesive color pallet for our adventuring parties.  The last one I did was all in cold blues, so with this one I went for a very warm pallet.
      Lil is an investigator who 'secretly' is a Thamar Advocate.  She's just the stock mini of the vampire hunter from Reapercon (by Bob Ridolfi)

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      This Outcast Skorne Bushwacker/Warlock was made by simply head swapping a Malifaux rifleman.

      This Lazy Cyclopes (under the command of the Warlock) was a sculpt that I made quite a few years ago.  I showed it off to several sculptors at Gencon, and they all gave me some pointers on things that I could improve on.  Still, I was fond enough of him that I decided to paint him up.

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      Awhile ago I came across a terrain tutorial video about building barrels and thought I'd give it a go. After the initial steps of collecting water bottle/soda lids, gluing them together, and even priming them the project came to a halt. Well after a couple months of staring at a bag of primed bottle caps I finally got back to work. 
      The next step in the build was to create an actual lid/opening in the top of the barrel. This required two pieces; it needed a small bead and a slightly larger round piece to glue the bead onto (in the tutorial the builder used small wooden discs they found at a craft store). I knew that my wife already had plenty of beads that would be perfect but that small round disc had me stumped.
      That's when I finally remembered that inside my wife's craft bin she had a hole punch. Since I started basing my models and began building a little terrain I've been collecting a lot of random household brick a brack, including baby formula tins and lids. You know where I'm going with this and I think the picture speaks for itself.
      Now that I finally had all the pieces I began gluing the discs and beads to the top of the barrels. After a little gunmetal grey I'm pretty impressed with how good they look and how quick they can be made (quick provided you don't spend too much time thinking about a single piece). I placed some Games Workshop barrels behind them for comparison. 
      I'm pretty sure this build came from Terrain Tutorial but I'm not positive (I did see the video quite a while ago). Either way I just want to say this wasn't my idea at all, I simply followed the steps I happened to remember from a youtube video I watched so long ago that I can't remember who did it. I'm grateful however for this simple and cheap terrain and will be making a ton of them over the next few days.
    • By knarthex
      So this pre cut, MDF outhouse came to me through the Box of Goodwill, Euro / UK edition....
      Didn't feel much like hobbying last night, but when a couple folks joined me on the hangout, I thought I needed to do something, and my eyes fell on this....

      And here is the lovely Astrid the Chronicler, much relieved.....

      I still don't have a painted Sir Forescale...
      Thanks for looking!
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      PROJECT...Shanty town outhouse (gift for a friend)...
      DATA...On August 6, 2014...I displayed a shanty shack that I built as a gift for one of the Reaper members who has become a close friend...this is the outhouse that goes with that shanty shack...My son and I just returned from a luncheon meeting where I delivered both the shanty shack and outhouse.
      I really enjoyed building these 2 small pieces and hope that my friend (ub3r) enjoys the final results.
      Paul (Catdancer) 
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