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Who's going to GenCon


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I'll be teaching at the P&T table, so if you want to learn anything or have any hobby questions or just want to shoot the breeze and be weird and interesting - stop by and find me.


Whatever happens to my schedule, I'll try to swing by, introduce myself, and say 'Hi'.


(At least one of my events has already been re-scheduled once.... :grr: )




Last year, Reaper didn't have a booth for Gencon because they decided to go to PAX Prime, and the two events were too close together on the calendar for them to do both. This year looks like it will be the same.

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Stormforge - No, they won't have a booth at GenCon this year.

That's too bad. Is there any reason why that can be shared?


I'm not sure, I just know they will not have a booth at GenCon this year. I think it is most likely the same reason as last year not wanting to do the quick turn around from Pax Prime.

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Considering making the trek to Indianapolis again this year, since the local "Italian Festival" takes place the same weekend. It kills my sales (they take up all the parking spaces and the people that do come are there for food and trinkets), so why not have some fun?

Will work for food/hotel/beers...

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Some tips an ideas for those who missed out on the beginner classes -


Check online registration now and then, tickets can open up as people drop out of events.


Go ahead and get the generics and take a chance. Some instructors plan for a few more people than what they set the number to for pre-registration. People also just fail to show up to events, even the more expensive ones like painting classes. It's hard to make too many generalizations, but earlier in the morning ones, Saturday ones and Sunday afternoon ones are the ones most likely to get no shows. If you haven't used the tickets by Sunday morning, turn them in for a refund in the main hall of desks.


If the instructor has an email listed in the event listing, try contacting them to see if they have openings or are willing to make a wait list for a class. I allow for two additional people in my classes, and I have created wait lists for put people who were enterprising enough to contact me in advance about spots in the past. (Of my classes this year, only the basing one is okay for a complete beginner. My Flesh and Faces and Smooth Transition classes are not at all advanced, but do assume someone has painted before and has some familiarity with the basics.)


The Paint and Take experience does include some access to basic instruction. If you see a person sitting down and painting on the other side of the table, that person is an instructor, and available to help explain and demonstrate basic techniques like base coating, washing, drybrushing, basic brush care and so on. If you read some tutorials online and then come with a few key questions or things you want to see someone do in person to really get them, that could be a sort of a substitute for a class. There can be a wait for Paint and Take seats, the best way to minimize it is to get there first thing when it opens at 10am.


It's not much consolation for this year, but next year I will try to remember to get the word out to other people in the community who organize classes that there is more demand than supply for beginner classes.

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