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Klaatu, barada, nik....*cough* - Wargames factory Skeletons


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Why did I buy all those Bones? Mainly for my DnD Group. However, what would be a beautiful selection of miniatures, if there would not be a dungeon they can dwell in? Thus I started painting up some Wargames Factory skeletons. They are a fragile bunch, but I like them much better than the earlier Bones skeletons (well, more poses, less static and less chunky). However, they snip easily at the feet or legs, so I hope they stand up to gaming...


The skeletal mage's staff is from the WF Orc box, I just put a skull on top of one of the spear shafts. The soil and such is added and does not come with the models crawling out of the ground.



Klaatu, barada, nik....*cough*



I will feast on your soul!



Come join us!



We know we are evil....but it feels goooood!



6x2 Dungeon tile:



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Nice eyes.


How did you made the sand?


I like the WG skeletons, but had not the time to glue and paint them...



A good reason to have fireball prepped and ready to go.


Love the guy coming out of the ground.


Against few puny skeletons? And in a dungeon? A r=12m (905m³) Fireball would kill not only the skeletons, also the charakters. Even in a hall with a size of 10m x 20m x 4m, it would be still 800m³. Our first RPG group made this error and no later group again.

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The guy coming out of the ground is a great way to deal with the breakage issue.


As in, one breaks, guess what, he's the next guy to be crawling out of the ground. :lol:


Nice paint job on them, and I think I am going to have to steal the idea to make some of my broken minis to be coming out of the ground (instead of just broken statues in rubble piles).

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You hit the nail on the head. The guys coming out of the ground are indeed the ones which arrived broken in the box. I got replacements for them with no trouble at all, but I found it a pitty to not use them this way. The box provides the option to depict the guys as if they would come out of the earth (there is a base provided with a bit of structure on).


The soil or sand is actually sand :P. Just get a shovel from the backyard and sieve it so you get something like fine dust. I then mix this with fine sand, kitchen herbs, couple bigger stones, sometimes some roots (forget about it with this guy...), pigments and then you add acrylic gel or medium matt. This paste holds its shape and can be easily formed. When dry it is rock hard and can be drybrushed, washed or more pigment can be used to highlight it.

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Thanks for the nice feedback so far. Some new stuff I finished this week and an overview of the completed Dungeon tiles so far:







This is supposed to be a storage room with a very old wood floor. I think the colour of the wood turned out alright.


Next should be some Orcs and possibly more wall segments.


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