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I stated up the Winchester boys back during the Season 2 to 3 break, so many years ago. I ran a one-shot set during first season that involved an Oregon town settled by Irish immigrants, a mysterious series of drownings, and a selkie. The best part was the boys being attacked right outside their motel room by a giant black horse (the selkie in its true form).


I used D20 Modern to stat them up. I think they were both third level. Sam was Smart 1/Fast 1/Dedicated 1. Dean was Strong 1/Tough 1/Charismatic 1. I gave Sam a special feat called Premonitions. I don't remember much else, and I don't have the files anymore.

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I'll work out what CR they need to be and go with the class combination you used. They will be NPCs. I'm debating if I want to bring Bobby and Cass too but will probably just stick with the boys.


This will be taking place during Season 6 (i think?) so the pending Apocalypse is something that my PCs and they will have in common. Cass sends the boys to Einjavi (my pathfinder world) to chase down one of Lilith's lackeys that made off with a relic so powerful she had to hide him on another planet and in another reality. What that is I haven't decided yet but I'm leaning towards the Lance of Longinus.

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