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Savage Dragon Conversion


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My brother in law made a pathfinder character which looks like savage dragon, and of course there are no savage dragon minis. So he requested one of me.


Goldar ended up being a great mini for him, just added a fin (which I've been getting practice at), switched out his axe for a spear, and added a naga head to his belt. Whatever species the character is worships nagas, and his guy is evil, so he killed one and carries it around as a trophy.


Unfortunately the camera washed out the colour on him. The green is much brighter, and has more highlights, and the naga head is a bit grayer. Cause it's dead and decayed.



Comments, critique, suggestions all appreciated. Before I send it to Wyoming.

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Actually a SD line was made. I've got SD & Dart (the white/silver female dart thrower). I'm not sure if they made more in the line. I can't remember exactly who the did the line but I got em from Mega Minis at the time, way way back..


I'll have to dig that SD up but it look like this, minus the Heroscape base. It has a integrated metal square base to him




Great conversion thou, love the head fin.



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Savage Dragon was always great. I got into it around 2007-ish, when my FLCS guy handed me a copy of the first TPB. After reading it, I spent the next few months buying all the rest that were available. At the time though, Erik Larsen was still the publisher for Image and the TPBs were years behind the singles at the time. I don't think they've caught up yet to this day, actually.

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