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My seventh Bones completed, which also happens to be the first dragon I've ever painted! The name on the side of the base is my wife, she wanted me to paint her a dragon, and I got it done just in time for our anniversary today. Initially, she was talking about a pink color scheme, but when she saw the anguish in my eyes and heard my cry of dismay ("I'll be the laughing stock of the Reaper forums!!!"), we agreed to agree on green. ::):


Anyway, it was fun painting, but I struggled to get it really smooth looking. C&C are, as always, very welcome!







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I don't know... a pink dragon would have been cute! And it would have made the anguish on your players faces all the more amusing when they died horrible deaths due to laughing at a dragon

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I'd never give anyone hassles about having the moxie to paint a pink dragon. Actually, tell you what - in an act of solidarity I'm gonna paint my Flit pink. It'll have to wait for my kickstarter paints to come in first, but it'll be done to show you that there's no shame in any dragon, no matter what the chromatic index!


Besides which, a young fire dragon would have a lighter shade than an older one. Pink makes perfect sense!

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LOL, well, it's clear I should have gone the pink route. Never again shall I fail to listen to my wife's advice. ::D:


On a more on-topic note: I like the wing membrane; which colour is that?


The top of the wings is the Warm Green triad. I basecoated with Leaf Green, and then tried my hand at some blending towards Pine Green and towards a 50-50 mix of Leaf Green/Pale Green. As I said, I didn't manage to get the smoothest finish, and I found it a lot harder to figure out where to put shadows and highlights on these big, flat surfaces as opposed to working on something like a cloak with more texture.


The underside of the wings is basecoated with Stained Ivory. It might not be that visible in the pictures, but I tried blending towards Yellowed Ivory and then Creamy Ivory at the "bottom" of each membrane, and towards Olive Green at the "base" of each membrane (if those terms make any sense). Again, as on the top of the wings, I found this tricky. Anyone have any specific advice for dragon wings?


pink Flits it shall be then.


I am actually really looking forward to yours and Laoke's pink dragons now. I'm sure they will be glorious! ::):

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this one is painted neatly, but I feel it seriously lacks contrast.


Sorry if I'm a bit dense when it comes to these things, but when you say contrast do you mean that the color choices are kind of 'samey', and that it would need some other color thrown in there? Or do you mean that the shading needs to go darker and the highlighting brighter? Thanks for your input, I really appreciate it! ::):

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all of it?

thing is that 30mm minis are so small that viewer's eye needs to be deceived a bit, thus exaggerated contrast between shadows and highlights helps to showcase different features of the sculpt and make paintjobs look better. My good friends calls it "sculpting through painting", as stronger contrast builds up the 3D effect. many painters hesitate, but then change their mind when they actually break that mental barrier and actually try such a strong contrast.

Playuing with colours can help you with that too. I suggest these two articles:



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Very cool, thanks a bunch Nameless! I can really see how I might have chickened out a bit with the highlighting on this mini; the highlight color (Pale Green) of the triad (Warm Green) I was using for the body and wings looked so crazy bright to me that I didn't use it straight up, but instead mixed it with the base color for a more muted look. As per your advice, I should probably have gone this light and maybe even much further, mixing in white or yellow or whatever. I'll try to be more bold with my next mini. ::):


Thanks for the linked articles!


EDIT: Or actually, I might give this one another go, if my wife will hand it back to me.

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      A good 60% of the time that I spent painting it was spent working and reworking the wings. I didn't get a very good picture of the outside of the wings and it's no longer in my possession.
      I'm not a fan at all of the base that I threw together - despite that fact, one of the things my mother said about the gift (which she loved, btw) was "the meadow looks so perfect!" Ah well, I already know that I'm tough on myself.
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      Hello everyone , I am new to the boards and just started out painting Reaper miniatures. I'm not new to painting though as I have dabbled in painting several Games Workshop lines before, but I am coming back after a long 10 year break to painting. So it very much feels like I have some relearning to do.
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      Bones 77026 young fire dragon.   Boiled the wings and bent them out.  They are still in position 4 days of hot and humid weather later.





      As requested I have added a salmon to the shot (be gentle I have limited sculpting skills)


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