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Everblight Shredders - Privateer Press

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I wonder who else will get the reference. Nice stuff. Did you have any trouble getting the color in the photograph to work? If so, consider a neutral gray background.


Again, nice.


I always have trouble with my photos.. This was actually one of my better ones for color, I usually use white as my backround, but I thought maybe this was my issue with the white figures. So, I tried something different with the red. If I had a piece of black cardstock paper, I would have tried that, but I will attempt with gray next time too. I got extremely up close with the macro setting this time and it came out better than usual.




i tell ya the legion concept artist must have been a fan of Misterjaw and Jabberjaw..its to uncanny...

great job btw love them little shredders


Awwww...I miss Jaberjaw. And I completely forgot who Mister Jaw was.


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I find that matteboard is a relatively sturdy background. There's also background paper available in neutral tones. The black backgrounds reaper uses work because the white space and black space diffuse into each other and create the equivalent of grey (it evens out).


Digital cameras adjust the entire picture according to the majority of what the sensor sees. A neutral background ensures that the main subject (the miniature) is what mainly affects the cameras logic.... hopefully that makes sense.


There are others that can say it in a much more technical manner, but do a test once you've got a few different backgrounds. Don't change any settings, just the background and you'll see what each background does to the image better.

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