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Rather than have multiple WIP threads, I think I'm going to switch over to a single WIP thread for all my new miniatures.


Here we go with the first round:


80020 Eric Proudfoot, IMEF Marine (aka, 50263)


post-8582-0-35957100-1369698705.jpg post-8582-0-32698600-1369698707.jpg


Eric has been based in P3 Coal Black then washed with a black. He has Tanned Skin for his face. As will be the case for most of my IMEF marines, they're test dummies to help me pick colors for my Black Diamond force in Relic Knights.


CS3005 Celia (Anima Tactics, Wissenschaft)


post-8582-0-22703900-1369699089_thumb.jpg post-8582-0-22704800-1369699094_thumb.jpg


Only the base skin color (Olive Skin) has been applied, but man was she hard to prep. The mold lines were minimal, but both her arms were separate, and neither wanted to stay put with just superglue. I was worried about screwing up on such a small pinning job, but it came out pretty well. The arm that isn't holding the sword is a bit rotated from where I wanted it (the pin is at the elbow), but honestly you could put that arm in just about any position and it would look fine.

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Here's the progress I've made since my last update:


Not much on Eric. He got some Field Grey on his base and pouches. (not really worth uploading a picture)


Celia: basecoating mostly done. eyes done - I'm going to give her an Esper sort of look, so I gave her Grass Green irises with Alien Goo pupils. It's a bit hard to see in the picture, but she looks weird without looking too weird. Once again I'm struggling with paint consistency on the face. This time I was using a wet palette and I think I didn't thin the paint enough. I still have opportunity to smooth it out a bit more with highlights, but I have a feeling I'm going to struggle with this for a while. I'm planning on transitioning her hair and sword from dark brown to bright red (inspired by Akiha Tohno from Shingetsukan Tsukihime: image link).


post-8582-0-37543000-1371001623_thumb.jpg post-8582-0-40161800-1371001625_thumb.jpg

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I made progress on three miniatures this weekend. I think Cleric of Calistria is finally done, I'm just giving her a day or two to sit to decide whether she needs anything else.


I finished blocking in the colors on Celia and started work blending her sword and hair. [EDIT: I already see some spots I missed...]


post-8582-0-38620600-1371433908_thumb.jpg post-8582-0-68686700-1371433919_thumb.jpg


The Dwarven Hunter (Stonehaven Dwarves) has been sitting primed and mounted to his base for a while and I finally got around to working on him. His bow was really funky, so I replaced it with a hammer and removed the quiver. This also meant I had to fill in a gap on his boar. I've blocked in all the colors, plus shading on the face, eyes, and some highlighting on the green parts of the base. The boar is not pictured, but has a pin that will fit in the hole in the dwarf's back.


post-8582-0-63903900-1371433922.jpg post-8582-0-07830400-1371433925.jpg post-8582-0-68553000-1371433927.jpg

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Progress from the last couple of days on Celia and the Dwarf Hunter.


post-8582-0-01810000-1371912405.jpg post-8582-0-14889500-1371912411.jpg post-8582-0-69373200-1371912412.jpg post-8582-0-21785100-1371912414.jpg


I started a new terrain piece. It's a makeshift outpost built on the chassis of a destroyed APC. As opposed to my last destroyed tank piece, I put more thought into making this an interesting piece for models to interact with. I experimented with battle damage with the dremel. I discovered that holes which don't penetrate the armor look a lot more interesting than those that do.


post-8582-0-06943800-1371912396_thumb.jpg post-8582-0-13341100-1371912402_thumb.jpg


Finally, I started work painting up one of the PCs in my Rise of the Runelords campaign. My players got to dig through the Vampire box to pick out a piece to use, and the human (Ulfen) inquisitor of Sarenrae picked this one. I lopped off his arm to be able to get behind the shield - superglue should be able to fix it up no problem at the end. The Bones is covered up, but there's still some work to clean up the base coat. For the armor, I undercoated HD Solid Blue then put 2-3 layers of slightly thinned Polished Silver. It's definitely got that "paladin" shine to it, though I'm not sure how much I actually like it. I'm sure it will look much better once it gets some shadows on there.


(I should have taken a picture of this, but with the blue undercoat and the face with angel wings on his chest... he looked like a space marine)


post-8582-0-25377200-1371912416_thumb.jpg post-8582-0-46530200-1371912418_thumb.jpg post-8582-0-38032400-1371912420_thumb.jpg

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I didn't get much during the week, since it was quite toasty in my apartment, but I got some stuff done last weekend and today.


I finished the dwarf hunter and started work on his boar (no pictures).


Almaran the Paladin got a blue wash on his armor + some blue shadows, then a drybrush of Polished Silver. The blue wash (thinned MSP Blue Liner) also went on the wings. I think the armor is done. I'm going to work on the red next.


post-8582-0-28970100-1372552500.jpg post-8582-0-90494600-1372552501.jpg post-8582-0-54442200-1372552503.jpg


I started this lady last week. She's the Bones version of Lysette, Female Elf (77076). I sculpted Green Stuff around her integral base and stuck that on a 25mm MDF base.

Bonus points to anyone who can identify the character she's based on.


post-8582-0-66146500-1372552496.jpg post-8582-0-48833600-1372552498.jpg


The last thing for this week is really fun. Some of my friends recently got a 3D printer and they wanted to play with it, so I gave them a model of a Mithra Ninja I had from FFXI. She gave me the model this week. There were a lot of problems with it, both from a model standpoint and printing standpoint, but it's just so fun that I'm going to paint it up. It's approximately 54mm scale (they just printed at a convenient size for them), and a lot of the details were too small for the printer. In addition, the "realistic" proportions of this figure resulted in thin arms and legs. I glued her to the base because there was not room for a pin in those skinny legs. The ninja-to was useless, so I replaced it with a short sword from a weapons sprue. There was no good way to separate the hilt or drill a hole through the hand, so I stuck a blob of green stuff on the hand and will hope for the best. The tail was too thin, so I wrapped it with green stuff. The ears didn't come out at all, so I tried to scult some. The non-sword hand is missing a finger, but there's no way I can fix that, so I let it be. My sculpting tools are: an Exacto knife, and my fingers, so I think it came out decent for what I had to work with.


First set of pictures are the figure with green stuff modifications, glued to the base and first layer of basing applied. The material is some sort of clear resin, so it photographs poorly. I didn't snap any pre-greenstuff.


post-8582-0-00171900-1372552425_thumb.jpg post-8582-0-35913000-1372552428_thumb.jpg post-8582-0-19118000-1372552432_thumb.jpg post-8582-0-24195400-1372552436_thumb.jpg


As you can perhaps see, home 3D printing is not going to kill the miniatures business anytime soon.


I then primed the miniature and applied static grass. This is my first time using static grass like this, so critiques and tips would be welcome. I put down two layers of it, since one didn't cover well enough to look like grass.


post-8582-0-54826200-1372552438_thumb.jpg post-8582-0-71397500-1372552440_thumb.jpg post-8582-0-95564000-1372552442_thumb.jpg post-8582-0-70551600-1372552494_thumb.jpg

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nope, 3D printing isn't going to kill the mini market any time soon, but damn, if I were a mini sculptor, I could run of base models to build on by the bucket load.


The static grass though, that looks pretty darn good to me. Very natural looking.

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Greetings Forumites! I hope you had a nice Fourth of July! (and for those you outside the US, I hope you had a nice Thursday)


It was hot and nasty here, so I didn't get much painting done until I gave in and just turned the AC on. I finished up Almaran (I'll be posting him to my Show Off thread shortly), and he got his first game day on Saturday. I also finished up the dwarven hunter's boar, and the pair of them will also show up in the other thread.


The ninja got basecoated, but I didn't take a picture of her.


As a reward for finishing a miniature, I started base coating one of my Dark Sword miniatures. This is DSM-1168 Evil Female Mage by Patrick Keith. I was really impressed with how little flash she had on her. I started the basecoat, but didn't want to get too far before I put down green stuff on the base to smooth out the integral base. With that much cloak, there was no way I was going to try to remove it.


post-8582-0-81817700-1373242840_thumb.jpg post-8582-0-24386300-1373242843_thumb.jpg


Lysette got metallic on her sword and then I tried to mangle and repair her skin. I got it back to "okay" then did the eyes. I think they turned out pretty well. One thing I'm not sure how to do it make the eyes actually look blue. I've tried using a light blue before, but that looks weird because nobodies eyes are that light, but then I tried to use a medium blue and it just blended into the pupil and eye outline. If I look close enough, there actually is a ring of blue, but you can't see it at arm's length.


post-8582-0-72348600-1373242787_thumb.jpg post-8582-0-40158300-1373242791_thumb.jpg post-8582-0-62621300-1373242792.jpg

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I had to get the camera back out for the treasure chest, so here's the Ninja. The focus is screwed up, but you get the point. I'm going to have to freehand pretty much her entire face, so... wish me luck, I guess.


post-8582-0-21292000-1373244469_thumb.jpg post-8582-0-69827600-1373244471_thumb.jpg

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