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Got quite a bit of painting done this weekend.  I finished Ser Tully, so he'll go to show-off as soon as I take good pictures.  I started a building which will be a Doctrine outpost when it's done.  Prepped and started basecoat on Leopold Magnus and Static, and M-8 Blitz Tank from Relic Knights.  Leopold is Imperial Purple, Static is VGC Warlord Purple, and the tank is Dusky Skin.  The power palette suggested that color, but I think it's too brown.





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Interesting, I will keep my eye on this to see how that turns out.


How do you find the terrain btw?


I was looking at some of their other infinity terrain but couldn't decide if I liked it enough to buy or not.

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It's very easy to put together with superglue, takes primer well, and it's nifty the cool stuff you can do with the slight flexibility.  Downsides are edges and corners not being as sharp and no laser-etched details.  The MAS Infinity stuff is the best quality terrain I've encountered so far, but this is probably second.

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Maybe no laser etched detail but the material is thin enough that they could use multiple layers to add detail.


I do like the MAS stuff but I think I like my CNC workshop miniature scenery stuff more.


I am also in a lot of like with my terrakami train.

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I got lots of painting done this weekend, so let's get posting!


Static (Leopold Magnus's cypher) and M8 Blitz Tank got finished.


Leopold Magnus is coming along.





The Doctrine Observatory also got a lot done.  There are a large number of trim pieces that are about half painted.  They are the same green as the doorway.  Once I incorporate some red items, the observatory will have all six colors of esper.  I'll give it a tiny bit of weathering then seal it.


post-8582-0-17679200-1404691542_thumb.jpg  post-8582-0-49829000-1404691543_thumb.jpg  post-8582-0-39654000-1404691544_thumb.jpg

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Got a fair bit of work done this weekend.  Lots of airbrush time while listening to the World Cup finals.  Several pieces of terrain finished up, some prep work, and lots of stuff primed and basecoated.


Here is Diamond Corps squad #1, assembled, basecoated and directional highlighted.  I used some airbrush colors, which were quite glossy.  Hopefully this will not affect the final paint job.



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