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No more finished miniatures from this weekend, but here's progress I made on several.


First up, Korobolas Shadow Tracker. Now, I'm not going to apologize for this paint scheme, but professional artists, interior designers and small children may want to look away.


As a preview, here is my palette:





post-8582-0-86898800-1385928711_thumb.jpg post-8582-0-60939200-1385928715_thumb.jpg



Next up is Yephima. I put highlights on the skirt-thing and the light green armor.


post-8582-0-05878000-1385928725_thumb.jpg post-8582-0-86442200-1385928727_thumb.jpg


I assembled, primed, walnut-browned and started to basecoat a warjack I picked up a while ago. It's going to be a pain to get my paintbrush in all those spots, but I'm glad I assembled first, as assembly was a giant pain. His feet in particular are connected by only two small ball joints.


post-8582-0-86524700-1385928718_thumb.jpg post-8582-0-06464800-1385928722_thumb.jpg


Here's a terrain piece I'm working on. Exploded artillery piece. From the box o' Imperial Guard my friend gave me.



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I love the paint scheme on Korobolas. So colorful! And it is such a contrast wiith the delicate and nuanced coloring on Yephima.


Having that much bright stuff on a miniature is a fairly big step out of my comfort zone. I'll have to paint something up in nothing but browns to make up for it :)


But according to my self-imposed rule, I have to finish 2 miniatures before I'm allowed to start another one. I have 7 in progress, 2 more that are primed and 3 more on which prep work has started.

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I made some progress on the Sophie Christmas Ornament I got in the exchange last year. Last time at paint club she got mostly base coated. This week at paint club I did eyes and a little shading on the skin. That was about it. I really took my time with the eyes and I'm very happy with them. Not 100% what I wanted, but I futzed with them for an hour and determined that was best I could do.




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I had a busy week and weekend, so I didn't get much painting in, but I'll show off what I have. My camera decided to run out of battery, so you get phone pictures today.


Yephima is almost done. I just have to do the jewels on her crown and club, and then fix up what looks like an errant brush stroke on her leg.


post-8582-0-39826300-1387159705_thumb.jpg post-8582-0-38191700-1387159722_thumb.jpg


Khador Berserker - I cleaned up the edges of the red, and started in on the metallics. MSP Clockwork Brass is the accent color here.


post-8582-0-64336800-1387159729_thumb.jpg post-8582-0-57536100-1387159735_thumb.jpg

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