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More work on Shaerelith.  I think I've got the midtone and highlights of her hair where I want them, but the shadows look wonky.  I think they're just too dark, and need to be lightened up, but I figured I would ask the forums to see what you guys think.

Is it supposed to be white hair with dark shadows or dark hair with white highlights?  It seems like white hair, but then I would think shadows would be more gray than black and less clumped up.  I really love the legs.

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It is supposed to be white hair.  Shadows are blue liner.  Aircraft Gray is midtone, Ghost White highlight 1, and Pure White highlight 2.


She's looking very nice!


You're probably right that you could tone down the shadows in the hair a bit, but the high level of contrast that you currently have still looks quite nice and striking for such an imposing figure.  If anything, I'd recommend maybe changing the deepest shadows to a member of the Reaper MSP blue-grays triad (probably Twilight Blue, or, if that is still too dark, Snow Shadow).

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Started one of Malifaux's Ronin.  Silliest samurai costume ever, but should be fun to paint.  (also, you can't see it in the pictures, but she is seriously flashing her panties)  I'll have to be more careful about assembling the other ones - these came in a few pieces and I'm not used to multi-part plastic models.


Colors: Carnival Purple (hair), Old West Rose (kimono), VMC Sea Green (ribbon), Noir Black (obi, boots), Olive Skin (skin)





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Lots of updates!




I took Kuro's advice and did took a bluish-gray to tone down the shades (I had to mix it, but I picked up the triad at ReaperCon).  Her skin is very shiny because I used lots of matte medium in my glazes.  Also threw in one of her face.  Can't show any more due to nudity.


post-8582-0-18697600-1398820202_thumb.jpg   post-8582-0-09847700-1398820203.jpg   post-8582-0-84572700-1398820203.jpg


Here's the Infinity Terrain.  Lots of graffiti.  Next step is to dirty it up a bunch.


post-8582-0-77101300-1398820126_thumb.jpg   post-8582-0-25050900-1398820129_thumb.jpg


Here's me misusing my airbrush




ReaperCon Misc


Some random miniatures I worked on during ReaperCon


Ronin from Malifaux.  I got some good advice from Anne and John Bonnot about various bits of her (not yet implemented).  Hopefully they will show up in the next update.


post-8582-0-63167700-1398820199_thumb.jpg   post-8582-0-55520600-1398820200_thumb.jpg


Orc!  Basecoat, plus a little highlighting of skin.  This orc says "blending is for wimps!"  (he will die before any of my players notice the paint job anyway).  Hoping to make another go at NMM on his sword.


post-8582-0-19430500-1398820130_thumb.jpg   post-8582-0-04689200-1398820131_thumb.jpg


Speed painting!  This lady was done, start-to-finish in 30 minutes.  FYI, drybrushing is really hard when your base coat is still wet...

Corporea kicked my butt in this contest.


post-8582-0-91869200-1398820197.jpg   post-8582-0-78255300-1398820198.jpg


ReaperCon Classes


Wet-on-Wet Blending with Aaron Lovejoy


post-8582-0-66326700-1398820136_thumb.jpg   post-8582-0-93966300-1398820196_thumb.jpg


Two Brush Blending with Meg Maples


post-8582-0-00039500-1398820134_thumb.jpg   post-8582-0-00337200-1398820135_thumb.jpg


Painting Skin Tones with John Bonnot


post-8582-0-99653800-1398820131_thumb.jpg   post-8582-0-97443300-1398820132_thumb.jpg

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Girot and I split the Victoria Miniatures riflemen, and the rest went to the the Corporea dragon fund.


That would be me and you that split them. ^_^


Liking the skintones from that class very cool.  I've find wet blending to be a great starting point for traditional blending but I'm curious to see how you adapt it.

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Oops, sorry to get you guys confused.  Too many people/names and my brain is still fried from the amazing convention.


I'm not sure whether I'll use wet-on-wet blending much, but it's nice to finally understand how it works.  I'll probably play around with it on a few miniatures to try to get a better feel for it.

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