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How much do you think your skills are worth per hour?


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Nah, that's too over the top. There's a very fine line. See, I believe the humor is best not when it's just a mish mash of weird for the sake of weird like TFtV based on gags - but when it reaches the half-subtle, corkscrew realm where it's all nuts, totally nuts, but it still holds together so well and makes so much sense that it skews your reality and you're not sure if you're taking it seriously or not.


In other words, rather than just go all nuts with it and everything's silly - instead you take an entirely ludicrous initial concept and then play it straight. So it's not just that it's funny that these people are together, they have to develop within the bizarre little microcosm of this world as if it makes sense to them. You pull that off, then you've got a winner. It's all done in caricature, but the caricatures don't know they're caricatures.


Toss in some strong motivations, a dash of personality, and a hint of darkness for flavour and you've got something weird, funny, compelling, and interesting. Like a Pixar movie.

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