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I'm not sure if I should like that or call the cops.


I didn't have much money (or skill) back then so I had to use what I had lying around. I apologize for the gore but I needed objective markers. That and I was all about the gore back in those days. :devil:

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I think this was actually the tenth or even twentieth miniature I painted. It's hard to say, because I lost all my miniatures in 1995, except this guy who I found in a totally random box sometime around 2004 while I was helping my mom organize her closets. I know my first miniatures were the Ral Partha ElfQuest minis (I had the Wolfriders set and the MadCoil set), but I think a box of Space Marines was my second purchase, and this guy came from that. His bolters were cannibalized for other projects.




Wow. Is that phenomenally bad or what? In my defense I was 11 years old, I was using Testor Enamels, and I was using a Testor's disposable brush, which is only nominally better than painting with your fingers.


I was trying for an autumn camouflage. It...didn't work.

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This figure is still sitting on my shelf, may strip her in the future and try and to paint her again but right now she serves as a good reminder of where I started.

Don't do it! That's a really cool paint job.


I concur. I had considered stripping and repainting Hilde, but have decided to keep her as is to remind me of how far I've come (and that I never used Testors enamels hahahaha).


Clearly you both have the brain worms. I'll keep her as I guess, for the aforementioned reasons of showing my progress.

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Back around 1995 my older brother took his first tentative steps into geekdom by buying Heroquest.

After much badgering my brother eventually let me paint the minis. Problem was, the only paints I owned were Tester's model paints, and my brushes were those crappy plastic things that came with kid's watercolors. That, plus the fact I'd never really *painted* a miniature meant the finished product was not very good (in my defense, I was 12). During a raid of my parent's house I found a handful of my first painted minis.

My buddy, and fellow gamer, happened to have a copy of Heroquest, and I thought it'd be fun to paint one, and compare them to see how far I'd come. I actually painted this guy last week.




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Testors Enamels are like first kiss partners for mini painters. It was okay, you had fun, and you didn't really know what you were doing - but in retrospect you're glad you didn't stick with them.

you nailed it, the reason my first attempt at my first mini was so craptastic was exactly that testor's...

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I guess I was lucky in that the guys I knew were painting with Polly S Floquil (a glass pot of acrylic pretty similar to what we use now) as far back as 1980. They were local (out of Rochester, I think), so all the local game stores carried it (we actually had TWO FLGS back then). Got wrapped into Testors at some point and they killed the fantasy line, but you can still find some of the regular line at train stores. The glass pots I paint on are mostly old Polly S bottles, nice heft to them.


Looking back on this thread, it's so weird that I was talking about those guys and the one in particular who taught me to paint (sort of, more like made fun of my mistakes somewhat constructively), and two days later I learned he died.

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    • By planetmut
      I painted Space Marines from 1988 to around 1994 and then fell out of the mini painting hobby. I just got back into it and the Grave Wraith is my first effort. As I was stuck on how to paint him apart from covering him in black, I had a look around and based his look on this one by Vulture but decided to go with purple rather than blue. The sword, which I thought would be a doddle, caused me all sorts of problems (I kept overthinking it) until I just went with a gold hilt and silver blade. I have yet to base him — in the photo I have him sitting on top of a small jar. He was photographed at f6.3, 1/25s.
      A few random thoughts while I was painting him:
      Wow, these things are smaller than I remember.
      Flash! AAARRRGGGHH!
      My eyesight has really gone down the tubes since 1990...
      Any criticism/advice is welcome as I can't wait to get on with painting another figure (probably 03374 Ragnaros, Evil Warrior)

    • By MächtigeMaus
      Hey, folks! I'm brand new here, though I've been lurking for awhile, and brand new to miniature painting in general. This is my absolute -first- attempt at painting a mini. I tossed around whether or not to post, but why the heck not, eh? The earlier I get constructive criticism, the earlier I can put it to use!
      I've been wanting to try my hand at painting for awhile now, and finally decided to get a learn to paint kit. I set right to it after receiving it yesterday. He's by no measure great, but I'm fairly happy with him for a first attempt. At the least, I was never tempted to strip him down and start over. :P
      If anyone has any constructive criticism or tips, they'd be greatly appreciated. The most trouble I ran into was with dry brushing highlights; I seemed to either go far too light or far too heavy on it, with no real middle ground.
      In any case, if I had any doubt about sticking with this as a hobby, they were long gone last night. Down the rabbit hole I go! :P
      (Edited to correct the absolute mess that my image uploads were.>_<)

    • By Pezler the Polychromatic
      Finally, I started working on painting my first miniature! I've tried starting since the Bones 3 Kickstarter, and I want to thank everyone for their encouragement. Let's see what I've done so far.
      Wilson and Optimus!!!!!!!!!!!!!:

      My sacrificial constructs, I learned a lot from these little things. I primed WIlson with Krylon Black Matte Paint+Primer and Optimus with Plaid Clear Matte Acrylic Sealer, both painted with FolkArt acrylic paints and  a size 0 Daler Rowney nylon brush. I learned a lot from them like some brush techniques and the importance of watering down thicker paints.
      Now, my first Kobold figure:

      I used the same black primer on this one. Had to strip it once because I sprayed it on a little too thick. Lesson learned.
      First shot at painting:

      Finally slopped paint on my first miniature. I painted this with Citadel Mephiston Red  and a 00 Winsor & Newton synthetic brush. I would have used a sable or sable/synthetic brush but because of Russia things, the hobby store I went to wasn't able to restock. Poopy. I learned to control how much paint should be on the brush and how my brush strokes affect where the paint gets applied. I deliberately chose a small figure instead of a standard size one purely to force myself to learn control and painting techniques that will help me with larger ones.
      Now I need to decide if I should try lighter on the skin and if I should drybrush the new layer on, or if I should start painting the armor and accessories. Well, here goes nothing.
    • By OMGoblins
      So I received my Kickstarter package a week or two ago and after enjoying the rather later mass of miniatures I decided I better get painting. My girlfriend isn't a gamer and wasn't really into miniatures, but I surprised her with a decent order of paints and all these Bones and she was down to paint! I started with the L2PK 1-5 for paints and then added in another 10-15 to try and round out some of the colors. I realized that I don't really have a grey though so I will be ordering some more soon. She has a good amount of experience and talent painting with acrylics on a canvas medium (and I've tried once or twice as well) but other than that, this was the first attempt at painting a miniature for both of us. I never started the L2PKs, I really just prefer the Bonesium over metal I think.
      It was hard to figure out what miniature to paint first, we looked over and through the pile and found a few simple miniatures, some of the hooded elves and townsfolk looked easy enough, but in the end we decided what better miniature to start with than the Kickstarter mascot himself, Mr. Bones! I was very thankful to find that I ended up with about 8 Mr. Bones miniatures when I only ordered 2 or 3, so it seemed perfect since we would have extras and would get to paint the same miniature.
      -We cleaned the miniature.
      -Picked our colors.
      -Started painting, I used a #1 W&N 7, she used a #0 Da Vinci and a #0 W&N 7, she wanted a smaller brush though so I might be ordering a 00 or 000 even.
      -I only basecoated and then painted on Army Painter Quickshade soft tone.
      -She painted basecoat, then painted on shading (we didn't thin our paints this first try) I think it looks a lot better than mine. I don't think she did the highlighting step, we plan on working on the L2PK and our shading and highlighting and drybrushing, but didn't get into it for this try. Then she thought it needed some gloss finish, I don't have any gloss sealer, just the AP matte and the sealer that comes with the L2PK. She ended up using the Reaper brush-on sealer. She liked some parts of mine better so she then used a little bit of quickshade to help with the smaller details like the fingers and stuff.
      I don't think I need to point out who painted what, because it's fairly obvious I think, lol.
      Thanks for your time and interest, any and all comments are welcome! We looked through the show-off forum a bit and she liked it so I think she'll be joining at some point lol. We also looked at Anne Foersters paintjob of the metal version Mr. Bones is based from and she couldn't believe the detail lol. If anyone else has any Mr. Bones pictures we would love to see them as we couldn't find any anywhere!!
      Pictures were taken with an iphone 4 with and without flash. No lightbox or anything fancy, I think they turned out decent enough, but we will definitely look into making a lightbox as we get more into the hobby and pile of bones!

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