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Service Dog for My Mother-in-Law

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Normally I don't post this kind of thing, but here goes...


Years ago, my wife's mother was injured in a car accident resulting in a fused ankle and a leg that is 1 1/4" shorter than the other. She had gotten a standard poodle named Karma to help as a mobility service dog from that point on. As Karma aged she had gotten another named Bear to take over her duties in that area. Bear passed away last October of acute kidney failure at only five years old. Just this past Saturday Karma had a stroke at the age of 14 and had to be humanely put to sleep. My mother-in-law, Linly, is now without a mobility service dog to help her out and this is not one of those cases where insurance or a charity organization helps out and she can not afford the cost acquiring or training the dog. There is a standard poodle in Oregon that she has profiled and talked to the owner via Skype that she has her heart set on. My wife, Robin, wants more than anything to make this happen.


Robin has set up a contribution site for any kind friends or strangers to contribute to the cause. If you can help out it is appreciated, if you can't I understand. Either way, please pass this along to those you feel may be able to help.



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