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Hello, everyone.


I recently finished a miniature I had been working on for a few days.


Proud of the paint job, and knowing it was going to be used for tabletop gaming, as is my standard, I applied 2 coats of spray-on Matte Krylon.


(Exact product: http://www.amazon.com/Krylon-Matte-Finish-Spray-Artists/dp/B000RMPT0C/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1369944326&sr=8-9&keywords=dullcote)


Imagine my surprise when I noticed, "Hey, this thing is kinda shiny....."


Now, I have never before used glossy varnish, until a few months ago when I began to paint again, and read about the technique of bullet-coating, where you spray a layer of gloss (because it helps to protect the paint job,) and then do a final spray in matte, to dull-down the gloss.


When I tried that before, I could still see the "gloss" underneath, and decided "I'm not doing this again."


But....what do you do when you need to dull down the gloss produced by a matte spray? Is there anything I can do to reduce the shininess of the finished miniature, like, spray it again with a different product?


Has anyone else experienced this? Krylon varnish is fairly new to me, but if this is going to happen again, I'm not going to use this stuff anymore. I just want a spray that protects, but doesn't change the look of the finished miniature.


Thanks, in advance, all, and I am sure you will see some pics popping up from me soon. I have an entire set of Townsfolk I want to get done...just dealing with some camera issues.




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I like to follow up with Testors Dullcote for the final matte finish.


Over Krylon, or in place of?


I haven't used Krylon Gloss specifically, but Dullcote should work over it. I tend to use Future for my gloss acrylic protective coat, then overcoat with Dullcote.


Dullcote doesn't make a great protective layer, which is why a gloss coat first is recommended. Dullcote will definitely knock the shine off, though. Also, make sure you're not oversaturating the piece. Tons of matte at one time tends to go glossy.


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I use the exact same spray, and it does give figures a bit of a sheen. I'm not sure how shiny your figure turned out (is it really glossy, or just a little bit satiny?) but I like my figures just the slightest bit shiny, so it works well for me. You might want to try a different brand if you want a totally matte finish.

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It could also happen depending on your temperature at the time of spraying.


You should be able to spray a coat of Testor's laquer flat spray over it without any problems (Testor's flat is pretty safe to spray over anything).



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Fast Update - couple of cans of Testor's Dull Cote are on their way to my house right now.


I don't think temperature is the issue - I live in California, and only prime or clear on nice days in order to avoid problems like hazing.


Shaking MIGHT have been it, but I really kinda doubt it. I shake, pretty vigourously, every time.


I'll let you all know how it goes, and thanks for the advice, everyone. Seems like I shoulda just gone with Dull Cote to begin with.

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I can attest that shaking is not the issue. Nor is it drying time. Not with Krylon Matte, anyway. When this has happened to me it was either an overly thick coat, nozzle proximity or one being caused by the other. Whatever brand you use, remember to do thin coats from 12" away, NOT 4"!

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Strange. I've never had a problem with Krylon Matt (I use the Artist grade stuff), but DullCote was always hit and miss with me. I used to think that it was having an issue with the Future I was using as a protective coat, but given the notes above I'm not so sure anymore . . .


The Egg

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