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Mounting Monique...

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What better way to start a thread than with an innuendo!


Unhappy with Games Workshops offerings on female vampires I've been using Monique to represent my vampire lord in games of Warhammer. Howver she is of infinitely more use when mounted than on foot. So I have set abut to find solutions to this problem!


First up is Mounted on a Barded NIghtmare. Fairly simple conversion just a leg swap with the Green Knight model from the Brettonian range. She seems to fit the legs quite well! She's PiP but I'm trying to go for red lacquered armour.





Next is my version on a Zombie Dragon! The legs are from the Prince Imrik model from the High Elves which I just had knocking about in the bottom of my bits box. After hacking up the dragon to reposition him I need to do a bit of greenstuff work to fill some of the gaps on the joints but overall I'm happy with the pose. I found the rock for the base on a disused train line that runs past my works.






I swapped her sword for a slightly longer one from the Necropolis weapons pack, she'll also have the shield from the same pack.



And a final victims eye view shot!



C&C welcome :)



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