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Call of Cthulhu 7th ed


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You're getting the 'normal' hardcover keepers & investigators book + extras which is reasonable


(we're being astounded by the price of the premium leatherette editions which are also reasonable for hand stitched books, but still expensive, LOL)


Just a minor clarification, these are not hand stitched books but books with a thread sewn binding (and square backed). Leatherette is imitation leather of course but the cover lettering is stamped gold foil.


I do prefer thread sewn binding but the price point is a bit high for leatherette (not leather). However, given it is supposed to be a small kickstarter exclusive print run it is probably in line ('cept maybe $222 for a keepers seems a bit past the margin). The prices overall I would guess is what they'd charge for them retail. Here again small company, smaller print runs are more expensive but the book price points are already toward the upper end of what you'd pay for a similar rpg book retail from other small companies. I'm a bit ambivalent about that, but it does play into the 'kickstarter is not a store controversy'. These donations are essentially an interest free short term loan that is paid off (or not) with promised goods.


I'm in for the hardcovers and I would like to see them produce the best edition they can possibly manage. However, I am mildly annoyed that an 'index upgrade' was a stretch goal and similar stuff (new art) that should be basic level stuff for a new edition of a game that really hasn't changed rules wise since the 80's except for a few tweaks. Then again 'edition' is nearly synonymous with 'printing' when it comes to CoC. ;-)

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I backed the $100 pledge. I thought that based upon that chart on their page that I was getting a ton of stuff for $100. Did I read it wrong? :unsure:


No, you didn't read it wrong, you are getting a ton of stuff. What you aren't getting is the book plates ($6), and 4 decks of cards ($15 each). You can add any of those things if you really want them. Oh and they are giving you pdfs of the decks.


I could see me spending an extra $30 - $40 dollars on a leatherette cover, but there's no way I'm spending $233 on 2 leatherette covers (about $117 extra each. F*** right off).


I'm in for $100, plus $22 shipping to the UK. Will probably also add the book plates. $130 total.


Personally I think these are horrible stretch goals that we have at the moment.

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The "level clarification" is pretty funny -- but eventually it does help figure things out. The latest stretch goals aren't that interesting (What does "responsible and restrained use of color" mean exactly?) although editable PDFs of character sheet is actually a good thing in my opinion. I used to use Byakhee all the time. Why do the stretch goal descriptions have to be so verbose? It now looks like the keeper's book softback is actually a pretty good deal and the hardback keeper's book or the two hardbacks are offering a lot of stuff. I am still on the fence.

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A bit off topic, but did anyone get anywhere with the D20 version?


I used it to get my D20 group to give CoC a shot. They would have probably been willing to try the normal rules but it would have been a much bigger ordeal to create characters and run the game. Now that they've had a taste I'm introducing them to the regular version. We all knew D20 wasn't a great fit for it going in, but it worked well enough for one-shot type games.


The spell casting mechanic also fit in well with some of the ancient history of magic in my D&D campaign world, so I've used that lightly but regularly.


Overall I'm pleased with it. It did what I wanted it to do.

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I have gone from being lethargic to being interested -- they have added some pretty good stretch goals to the hardback levels, encouraging people to go in at 100 bucks. The Field Guide to the Mythos books were very attractively illustrated books and awarding new versions of those as stretch goals is very enticing.


Hmm ... there has been was a big spike in pledging in the last two days, but that may be an aberration and probably had to do with the fact that they have also added hand bound leather books starting at 2800 dollars for the pair, and have seven takers so far. I think I'll just keep that money, thanks.

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there's no way I'm spending $233 on 2 leatherette covers

Hmm. The $333 leather book package also seems to come with 2 extra softcover books ($70), The four card decks ($50), Pulp Cthulhu ($28), two mugs ($22), Stratigraph ($28) and art prints ($65). Still not tempting to me... until they changed the covers to green w/ eldar sign (like the 20th anniversary edition). Now I just don't know anymore.

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there's no way I'm spending $233 on 2 leatherette covers

Hmm. The $333 leather book package also seems to come with 2 extra softcover books ($70), The four card decks ($50), Pulp Cthulhu ($28), two mugs ($22), Stratigraph ($28) and art prints ($65). Still not tempting to me... until they changed the covers to green w/ eldar sign (like the 20th anniversary edition). Now I just don't know anymore.



$233 for two leatherette covers was two weeks ago. They've added to it since then. Still not tempting me, I've added on the Book plates and the printed Pulp Cthulhu to my $100 pledge. I have next to zero interest in the other stuff they've added on.
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I'm not a fan of the BRP system. Blow a Library Use roll, and you may miss a vital piece of information. This either meant all the PCs had 80% Library Use, or you had to (re)design an adventure to have "multiple paths to victory". In the old days, we only had simulationist RPGs, and Call of Cthulhu far more benefits a narrative one (eg. spend a plot point to explain how your Library Use failed, but something in the story, like a helpful librarian, found out the information for you). Trail of Cthulhu, Stealing Cthulhu, and my own Cthulhu Dice: The RPG, are narrative systems I would use.


Stealing Cthulhu: http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/106251/Stealing-Cthulhu?filters=0_0_0_44502_0_0


Cthulhu Dice: The RPG: http://rpggeek.com/thread/655959/cthulhu-dice-the-rpg-in-review


Anyway, I'd recommend $100 on the many well-written Cthulhu adventures, especially Masks of Nyarlathotep. The 6th edition BRP rules are free from the Chaosium site, and come with a scenario. More importantly, I've suggested to Chaosium (and Cthulhu War's Sandy Petersen, one of the minds behind the Call of Cthulhu RPG) that they publish a set of adventures that come with (the Cthulhu Wars) miniatures. Seems odd that we still have to buy miniatures from one company, game tiles and terrain from another, and rules set and adventures from a third (not that even WotC could coordinate their adventures with their miniatures and game tile lines...).



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