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Generic fantasy terrain...posted for Dibbler...

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Hi Dibbler...Here are my basic, simple and generic fantasy terrain pieces. On these, I do nothing fancy or no real detail work...We play on a 4x8 table top board that is dark forest green in color...the terrain pieces are placed as designed for the given adventure and/or encounter...everything between the pieces is considered flat green meadow type terrain with no cover & 100% clear (LOS) visibility...Pictured are;


1. Solo shot of ruined building...(I have 5 such boards with varied ruined aspects)...

2. Shot of 4 ruined buildings together to form a sort of ruins complex...

3. Shot of generic terrain pieces of varied sizes & shapes...(I have 30 such pieces and another 12 that are total foliage covered)...

4. Shot of 1 of my generic hills...(this is Fire Hill = View #1)...(I have 6 such hill pieces)...

5. Shot of (Fire Hill = View #2)...


So as I said...I do detailed work on projects that deal with my home shire/town...but the rest is basic non-detail generic material and fantasy terrain pieces.

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How do you store your terrain? It looks wonderful, and I would be curious to know how you keep all its fragile bits safe.

Nothing fancy; I store all my pieces in standard plastic storage boxes that you can buy at any office store or general stores like (K-Mart, Target, etc)...As is normal and standard, accidents will happen but I have never had any major disasters...My shire is designed so that I can fit (2) town boards into 1 storage box (aprox. 16"x34"x6" tall)...my farmers market project (that I am currently working on) is designed to fit into 1 storage box (the same size as noted)...These boxes are stacked in a large walk in closet (so they are safe & free of dust)...taken out as needed.

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I would really love some type of tutorial on this basic stuff. A needed tools list. How to do the foiliage and that type of stuff.

I will be happy to answer any specific questions that you may have. I don't do tutorials (you might ask some other members about such). As far as tools go; I don't think that you will find two modelers who use the same tools...it is (what ever works for you and that you are comfortable with)...I will post a photo of my basic standard tools so you can get an idea of what you could use and/or what you may need to get...In regard to foliage; I think that again you might find that that answer will differ from modeler to modeler.

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Just curious how big are the boards you used?

Hi Brian. The ruins boards are aprox. (14"x12")...Fire Hill is (16"x16") square...The smaller pieces have no standard size; they are designed with an artistic eye as to what I feel they need to be...so as to support a single figure or a group of figures.

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In the Top Left, Catdancer has used just plain sand as sand, I think some green flocking (not static flock) as grass, no idea as to the brickwork, the trees look like decorative/ florist/ bargain stuff rather than model railroad stuff, and the dry twigs are dry twigs selected for aesthetic. On the bottom left I cannot identify the "grass", the clumpy foliage looks like railroad clump or sponge foliage. The orange sprays look like something from a florist, maybe intended for dried arrangements?


Once again, CD, thanks for posting!

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