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Zombie Daze game WIP - miniatures & terrain

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While at ReaperCon this year I had a chance to play the Zombie Days demo game (which can be seen here). It was a bunch of fun and seemed like a decent group game to play even with those without much miniature game experience. I picked up most of what was available while at the Con and started working on the minis and terrain a couple of weeks ago.


The current plan is for a circus theme like the one in the picture above. I'd like to run a game of it at my local gaming convention in July, KantCon, assuming I can make enough progress over the next couple of weeks. If it works there, I might be able to run a game of it at my local comic shop during a summer sales event at the end of July. (The LCS doesn't carry games, but the owner will be OK with doing anything that provides people with a good time.)


The build plan so far includes:

Zombies (in progress)

Heroes (in progress)

Bumper car ride (in progress)

Food area (not started)

Gallery games (not started)

Circus tent (not started)


Purchase plan:

Vehicles 1:43 scale (Done)

K'Nex ferris wheel or roller coaster (Not purchased, still pondering)


I'll keep posting progress and pictures as they occur. Enjoy!

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Most of the minis have been primed and stuck on a base. There are several heroes and a few zombies left with some cleaning or priming needed, but I should be able to finish them tomorrow and all will be ready for some super-speedy table-ready paintjobs. Most of the zombies are Reaper minis, but there are two Mantic zombies which will be used for runners. None of the Reapers looked right to me for runners while the Mantic zombies look a bit more active.





The bumper car ride has had a lot of progress. The ride still needs a roof and some paint, but I'll probably wait to paint all of the terrain at once. The bumper cars are nearly done. The car bodies need to be attached to the bases, and the antennas need some finishing. Should be able to complete that tomorrow.





It's nice seeing a some progress and makes be think this might be possible to finish by Kantcon time.

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After a lot of real-life interference, I'm finally back to this project. Kantcon has come and gone, but maybe this can make an appearance next year.


I have most everything planned out at this point and today did a test layout on the game table.




I painted two pieces of 2ft by 4ft 3/8-inch MDF board in black. The boards are sitting on top of two 2ft by 4ft folding tables, and I plan on using blue tack to keep them from moving much while in use. It's pretty spartan, but it will will at least function.


The ferris wheel is built. Need to build some steps to the cars and a platform. Shouldn't be too difficult.

The Disco bowl on the lower right will be turned into a large circus tent after painting the top. It's been taped off at this point, so I hope to work on it in the next few days.


The sand castle molds will be turned into the food court area after some painting. They'll be attached to a base, which will probably be foamcore board at this point. I don't have the tools to easily work with much of anything else.


The foamcore will sit quite a bit higher than the rest of the board, but I'm not sure how else to make a reasonably sturdy base with my limited tool and supply selection. Maybe some very slight ramps to the food court and large tent would help with the appearance?


The washers were set down to mark where some bushes, benches, signs, and other decorative stuff will go. I'll probably make those last as they're not entirely necessary, but I think they'll add a lot to the board.


My biggest progress this weekend was on the carnival booths. I'm using small boxes from Michael's and Hobby Lobby for the booths, mostly because my supply and tool limitations don't allow me to make the kind of booths from the demo games at Reapercon. I'm spray painting the outside of the boxes white then taping them off and painting the exposed areas red or blue. The windows and doorways have been scored into the cardboard and will be cut out once the painting is finished. I finished one as a test run today, and I'm pretty pleased with it.




While taking the picture I realized that the inside would look better if it were painted, also. Should be easy to tape off the box and spray the inside.

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Back to working on this the past week, so here is an update. I had no idea how much work goes into terrain until starting this. Also, didn't realize how much good weather plays into making progress when you don't have a dedicated workshop area. I tip my hat to all of you terrain creators.




The carnival booths are pretty much done other than signage and a few odds and ends.

Several lessons learned while making the booths:
--In order to remove the tape more easily and protect the paint, seal the first layer before taping off for the stripes.
--Hit the tape with a heat gun before removing so that the glue doesn't rip the paint. (* see 2nd picture above)
--Cut out all the windows and doors *before* painting. It's too risky to do afterwards.



The original plan from above for the bumper cars turned out pretty unimpressive once I looked at it, so it needed a different solution. I found the Mario Kart cars shown above and cut off the characters. The carts work well in scale for the figures, and look so much better. They need seats and steering wheels, but that can wait for the details.

Maybe I'll go back and rework the old bumper cars eventually and build a separate racetrack for the Mario carts, but this will do for now.



The white piece in the upper left will be be the bumper car ride. Needs a roof and to be painted, plus I'll be using the Mario Kart characters from the toys as decoration/signage. The piece in the middle foreground with the castle walls will be the food court. Needs the wood base painted, plus tables and signage added. In the lower right is the main circus tent made from a plastic party bowl turned upside down. Still needs a lot of decoration and base-work added. The ferris wheel needs some stairs also, but shouldn't be too difficult, and perhaps an area with "ropes" to establish where the line would be. I also think it would look nice if there were some small trees or bushes at corners or spots where they you would expect them in real life. Maybe a small fountain with benches between the main circus tent and ferris wheel.


Hopefully the weather will be nice enough this weekend that I can get the last of the painting done on the boards for the tent and food court. If not, then that's the time for signage and picnic tables.

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Thanks, Hex. It's been fun but an incredible amount of work. Can't wait to start terrorizing the players having fun with a friendly game.


Here's a progress update.


Made a little more progress on the board. The food court area is pretty grey now, but all it needs are some picnic tables, signage, and some miniature dollhouse food, and it should be in good shape.


The upside-down multicolored bowl on the right is pretty close to being the main tent. It needs a slice cut for an entrance, plus the same signage and details everything else is missing.



Here's the zombies so far. They'll need the bases cleaned up and a dip in the Minwax, but it shouldn't take long.



I'm so-so on the zombie cop, but every game seriously needs zombie Nazis to shoot, even if it doesn't make sense why they're at a modern circus.


The zombie businessman off to a power lunch.


And, finally, the ladies of negotiable affection.


And my favorite so far, zombie fast food clown. He's not done yet, but I'm fairly happy with him so far. I made a feeble attempt at freehanding some arches onto his suit. I think he will look OK on the table, which is all I'm really wanting for him.


I have another Reaper clown with the lollipop and the Reaper clown with the cleaver and pie. I'm thinking Joker colors for the latter and Krusty the Clown for the former. The zombies got a little tedious towards the end, but the clowns have been a blast. Everyone should paint a Reaper clown at least once.



If you want to see some more pictures of the board at ReaperCon 2013, Frontline Games has some more pictures on their Facebook page.



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Looks like a lot of hard work, but you have some interesting ideas. Will be watching this to see your end result. Looking forward to it.


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The zombies are looking good! huge fan of anything table top zombie! I am unfamilar with that ruleset, though i will try and take a look when i have some time.


If you are interested I have been developing a full table top zombie war game in my free time. It is free, and still a work in progress. You already have a decent sized zombie horde army painted that you could use. I don't want to hijack or clutter your thread with my stuff, just thought you might be interested.


If anything else you might be able to get some good ideas for terrain and miniatures to use in your own games. I have alot of miniature links, pictures and terrain that you should find interesting posted in the google community link below along with the rules.


you can find the rules here:


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Thanks, oddeye. You've got some great resources at your link. I've downloaded your rules, but haven't had opportunity to look at them deeply yet. I'll take a look at them soon.


My plans have fallen through and vacation has been cancelled due to work, but I'll post a tiny update to make good on my threat promise.




The dollhouse food finally arrived, and I found some stickers at Hobby Lobby which will work perfect for some of the signage. I've also found some very cool vintage signs via Google Images, so those will be scaled and printed. Still have about 12 minis to paint, but can maybe finish them by end of next week as long as there aren't any more surprises.

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I've been slowly plugging away at the board and miniatures since my vacation got cancelled, and finished up the last few necessary pieces last week. The board is as finished now as it will ever be. It had its first run this weekend at my local comic shop: Elite Comics Free Comic Book Day of the Dead. (The shop has a TV commercial for the event that's been airing locally during The Walking Dead.)


I received a lot of compliments on the board which was nice. Everyone who played seemed to enjoy the game, which was what was truly important. Even got a few people to play and enjoy who aren't into tabletop games.


I know that there was some criticism of the Zombie Daze rules at Reapercon 2013. After running a few games, I understand a lot of that criticism. I plan on contacting the game designer with some rules clarification questions along with some suggestions. Not sure how the suggestions will be received, but I hope well as I just want to play a fun game.


Here are some pictures of the full board with all of the heroes and zombies. All but two of the minis are from Reaper. The roofs are removable from the carnival buildings so that the heroes and zombies can move through them. Surprise zombies can be hidden in them, too.




Here are the heroes, ready to defend themselves:






The bumper cars roof is removable for easier play through.




This is the carnival tent where the zombies and the villains emerge from throughout the game. The henchman from this set was a joy to paint. He doesn't get nearly the love he deserves.



King Arthur's Food Court. I have no idea if the name is original to me or if I stole it from someone else. Regardless, the name cracked me up so it was used. Another option, "The People's Food Court," would also have amused me.

The king figure with hot dog and hamburger was a fun modification of a Michael's toy. (Yay, 40% off coupons!)

The picnic tables were last minute additions. Just short craft sticks plus some foamcore board.






And some more zombies, including some in clown makeup plus a lady of negotiable affection.




Thanks to those of you who have followed along. It's been a fun ride.

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