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Slime monsters #001-#005

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Fighting with my camera over backgrounds and stability. Had to use flash to get the focus right :angry: .


#001, #002: 1" ?Ochre? jellies: Brown tinted PVA on top of lunar stone base [grey felt hardened with non tinted PVA]. Small plastic beads for nucleus.

#003: 1.5" Black tinted PVA on top of red sand with similar beads for nucleus.

#004: 1.5" Green tinted PVA on a lightly textured 'road' base, Tried working other colours in, not happy with the results.

#005: 3" Like #003 but bigger, more eyes


Maybe second photo will be less eye gouging.



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I like the big black one, looks like a black pudding to me.

Actually I'm in the midst of doing something like this myself, I'm making all the "classic" jellies. Black pudding, ochre jelly, grey ooze, gelatinous cube, green slime and olive slime.

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