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50079: Invisible Man

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He looks great. Trashcan looks realistic. I like it. : )

If I were you, I'd paint his hat band, if there is one, a bit darker.

Maybe a little less bright red on the base..


It's refreshing when I imagine him soaking wet by the rain.

It's raining outside! Rain dripping down his hat..

A car just splashed water all over him. ...

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There is a hat band but by the time I realized there was one I didn't care for painting it. Kind of a copout answer but I was wanting to only give myself 4 hours to finish this guy up and I managed to do that. The red isn't all that bright in real life, it's quite a dull red actually, but the lighting I've currently go for taking pictures was pointed at that spot so it comes off stronger. That, and the fact my camera really didn't want to take this guy in focus so he's a bit off on that end as well.

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will you hate me if I told you I like the trashcan the best? :)


mini is painted nicely too, but trashcan is just better :) I like the coat but I think you could darkline it a bit. As of now, coat, hand and belt blend together too much IMO. Also, there's a strange dark shadow in one of the folds, much darker than all the others. Even if sculpt indicates it should be darker, the difference is too big.

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No offence. The coat was painted a year ago so it does look off. I'm quite happy you liked the trashcan, was trying out shading down from my brightest highlight and then threw some pigments on to give it color.

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