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This is the next to last booth in my fantasy farmers market & renaissance fair (RPG) tabletop project. This is (Eve's Garden = a fantasy fetish booth). I still have erotic paintings, fabrics & garments to add to this booth...as well as the cover. The last booth will be (the scribe)...once that is done...I will start to work on the signs, pennants and standards for the booths.


To view photos of this booth...click on the website below...NOTICE...photos contain nudity (nude statues) and adult items.




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    • By catdancer
      PROJECT...Wooden Magazine/Newspaper Stand (Nostalgic Era)...
      ODDS & ENDS...While waiting for my scale lumber order to arrive for my final Shanty Outpost (center piece)...I spent Saturday working on the art draft concept(s) of my next commission project (stated above) and building a few odds and ends common to such a piece...I have done;
      1.  Post Card rack...
      2.  Pin-up Photo rack...
      3.  Posters cylinder holder...
      4.  Glass Charity Donation jar...
      5.  Sealed Wooden cigar boxes...
      6.  Open Wooden cigar box with cigars...
      7.  Open Wooden cigar box (used as cash register)...
      8.  Newspapers & Magazines (assortment - not pictured)...
      QUESTION...I would like to hear from members about other odds & ends that I could consider for usage in this piece...Please let me hear from you with your suggestions and ideas for items...Thank you.
      Paul (Catdancer)
    • By catdancer
      TITLE...Jungle Waterfall Pond
      SCRATCH BUILT...This is a tabletop gaming piece that depicts a small jungle waterfall and pond. Used by adventure group members to bathe, wash their clothes, water their animals and refill their waterskins. 
      PHOTOS 7 & 8...Depict the small clearing...(photo 7) without the character clothing & weapon...(photo 8) with the character clothing & weapon.
      NEAR COMPLETE...The piece is complete except for the final pour of liquid water on the pond...I do water pours only when I have 4 to 5 pieces that need it; so that I can do all of them at the same time.
      Hope you like this little piece of work.
      Paul (Catdancer)...
    • By catdancer
      I have just started work on (2) tabletop terrain game pieces...(1) Is a small jungle waterfall (8"x5")...(2) Is a small secluded nook (4"x4").
      Waterfall piece...will be the standard piece where the adventure group/characters...tend to their needs...taking their baths...resupply their waterskins...water their animals (if they have any)...wash their clothes...etc.
      I am working on the major construction of the piece...the small details will come later. This piece also shows my usage of ceiling tile (to construct my terrain pieces); in this case...you can see the multi-layer rise...you can also see my usage of the plaster rocks that I cast myself...as well as the wide assortment of ferns, twigs, branches and ground grasses.
      Secluded spot piece...will be a small grass & flower area for private interaction...(remember that my game/realm is an all adult game).
      Hope you like these first photos of this/these two terrain projects.
      Paul (Catdancer)
    • By catdancer
      IMAGE...Depicts my Jungle Girl running through her purple hue realm and arriving at the sandy beach on her island of Mora Toba...Her name is Lahini (from Kipling...meaning she-wolf)...I hope you like and enjoy my depiction of this beautiful little figure.
      FIGURE...REAPER (# 14579 = Handmaiden of Keskura)...Off site links due to topless nudity!
      https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=434505463319137&l=e277fa4804           https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=434505159985834&l=cc98f4c363     https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=434505593319124&l=90a1a2372e         https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=434505463319137&l=e277fa4804   https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=434505969985753&l=7c6d78e3b8         https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=434505776652439&l=8368c9e993
      Paul (Catdancer)...
    • By catdancer
      This is the (7th) completed vignette as listed on my (WIP) forum of fantasy vignette projects posted on Oct. 2, 2013...
      FIGURE...DISCWORLD VARIANT (Flying Witch...no SKU)...
      NOTE...When my witch figure arrived...I noticed that it was a bad casting (over 50% of her face was missing)...a long distance phone call resolved the problem and the company said they would send me a good figure...it arrived by special delivery on the evening of the 29th...it took me a couple of marathon sessions to get her done and mounted on the base so that I could post it today.
      NOTE 2...I want to wish all the great and wonderful members on this forum a " HAPPY HALLOWEEN " and thank you all for welcoming me into your fold.
      I hope that you all like my little Halloween Theme fantasy vignette.
      BLAST FROM THE PAST...(HALLOWEEN) work assignments are one of the few occasions that I miss from my past work...traveling all over the west coast to cover and photograph events like (Saints & Sinners Ball/SF)...(Hollywood Fetish Ball/LA)...(Sexy Halloween Cosplay/LA)...(Wenches & Vixens/LV)...over the years taking hundreds/thousands of photos of some of the most fantastic costumes & beautiful people (men & women alike) for both domestic & foreign adult mens magazines.
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