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My Daughter's First Miniature - Pic Heavy


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I honestly could have probably started months ago. I say as long as there is an interest and your kid doesn't eat the paint, go for it.


Eating the paint might get Pingo on you.... I'm sure thats worse than just licking the paintbrushes...

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Some people can't stand their kids growing up. I can't wait until my teeny tiny one gets old enough so I can pester her to play board games and paint with me.

Good on you for starting early, and thanks for letting me know it's possible even this early on. Just one year to go! :P


I have introduced my nieces to board games. Sure they don't play the game like it's meant to be played. But hey, they enjoy spending a couple of hours with uncle playing board games. My oldest niece started playing board games when she was 4 and the youngest niece started at age 3. (They are 6 and 4 now). So, it's never too early to convert them. Just don't yell or enforce rules right away (do that over time). Do not let age hinder your kids, they learn ... freakishly fast.


Example of games we do not play to the rules:

Monopoly - where we land we set up hotels and houses and when we land on chests and stuff, we are allowed to switch out tokens. (The board will start populating on tokens).


Blokus - Let's make colorful pictures!


Uno - Eldest knows how to play, but the youngest understands to match colors and is beginning to understand the matching of numbers.


--- sorry to hijack part of your thread.

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I am ready to let my daughter build a DnD character and see how she does in a simple kid friendly adventure. She is 3 1/2 and has shown interest in Dungeons and Dragons since I got my minis. I plan on trying to teach her chess and poker in the about a year.


So I don't start a new thread of daughters painting minis...let me share the pic I took a couple weeks ago. Nothing like the painting Talae's daughter did but I also did very little in teaching this go. I just gave her paints (poster paints we picked up), some brushes, and a female frost giant we found in the Vampire box.



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Definitely a good start. I will also suggest staying away from telling them what to do or how to do it. It is all about them having fun.


As for board games, we play a ton in my house, but so far only play a few with my daughter. The one that is the most fun is probably this one: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004V98ZMG/ref=oh_details_o04_s00_i01?ie=UTF8&psc=1


She loves hiding just as much as finding the monkey.

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Hey try this game with her. My daughter loves it and does very well with making monsters and playing by the rules. http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/112598/monster-factory


We got this during free comic book day along with other things for her and not me because I am a sap. Nothing like having free comic book day turn into a nearly $100 shopping spree for your daughter. :)

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For anyone looking for a game to ease their young children into roleplaying, Megadungeon is a dungeon exploration game where you build the dungeon by drawing and laying tiles every turn. You can use your miniatures with the game, too, which my daughter loves. This is her favourite game and she's managed to beat me every game for the last couple of years. It is a very cheap downloadable PDF file and you print the game components out on cardstock.


*edit* I forgot to mention Dagger a rules supplement for playing D&D with very young children; this strips the game down to its barest essentials.

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Haha, that Adventure Maximus thing sounds like the sort of games I'd make for my little brother (I'm 8 years his senior).

I remember making cards with short sounds (think ultima) when he was learning to read. He then had to read them aloud to cast different spells. Good times :P


EDIT: Oh and the sock monkey game looks awesome

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Today saw some more painting by my daughter. We were even able to rope Mommy into painting (she painted a brown and black spider, but refused to let me post pics of it. So, I am listening...for now).


My daughter loved the idea of a blue troll and a pink spider. She picked out Sky Blue and Clear Magenta. I tried to up the difficulty a little and let her pick a color for a wash. She picked Clotted Red (that was ironically blocked up - probably related to the heat in shipping from RAFM to Phoenix).


She washed the spider all over and was going to wash the troll all over, but stopped partway through due to it being the last thing and her not wanting to paint any more. It looks great as is, though, since it seems like the troll has blood all over or something.


Sorry for the poor quality of pics. I can take some under better lighting if someone requests it.









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At the rate she paints, she will have a larger collection of completed figures than I do soon. Here are a few of the finished products (the brown spider the one that my wife, the closet-geek, painted - don't tell her that I posted it or that I said that):









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I wish my nephew didn't live a state away so I could attempt to corrupt him into the hobby.


Oh, and Talae, you have one very talented little girl there. She's going to have better brush control than all of us by the age of 3!

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