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Ral Partha Hill Giant


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+1000 respects. Not only is Moonglum painting old school figures, which is super neat, but he's finding details on them I didn't even think they had. I'm a mid-late partha collector, and I've strenuously avoided the much earlier stuff because so much of it looked so bad.


But Moonglum here is making me rethink that position. Ace work, man. Ace work.

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Thanks guys for all the kind words. I really do enjoy painting older sculpts from that yesteryear of miniatures. I do like to showcase it as well because so much of it is so really cool and there is so much of it out there floating around in the universe that isn't getting the credit or appreciation it deserves. Lots of people probably have tons of this stuff sitting around in garages, basements, boxes and as has been mentioned on this forum before, has gotten thrown away or traded as metal for the smelter.


The scale is a bit different, smaller than what people are used to nowadays, and sometimes it's not as technically advanced as maybe nowadays, because after all, artists and sculptors do improve and get better at their craft. When you look at Julie Guthrie's work she is doing now for Reaper, or what Tom Meier does for Thunderbolt Mountain, it's a world of difference in improvement in skill and talent and mostly experience, but the incredible stuff they are doing right now doesn't diminish the great miniatures they brought us in the nineties, eighties, or even the seventies.


I think those that still have some of this wonderful, ancient metal hanging around their homes should delve into it and grab a piece or two and paint it ups as nicely as they can. Either that or just send it to my house. Those are your two options.

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A hill giant! so thats wtf I have. I looked at some old frost and fire giants and it didn't match up.


There is no way I can restore this to the quality of your figure above.



It may be the first mini I ever bought & painted. Mine has a 1977 date on the bottom, but it had been sitting for a while before I bought it.


The scale is a bit different, smaller than what people are used to nowadays,


Yup. I occasionally use a 1983 character in Pathfinder society games, and have been asked if she is a halfling. its 24mm instead of 28 mm. plus a difference in base height.

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