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Some More Miniatures

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It's been a while since I've posted, mostly due to that whole real life thing. I've tried to like photos and posts, and comment but it's hard to be active sometimes.


Anyway with that out of the way, the red box kickstarter got me inspired to paint up some I've had sitting around for a bit.


Pretty pleased with these:



This elf wizard adventuress might be one of my best miniatures yet. Her eyes super up close are a little too starey marey, but I still really like it.
I've loved this miniature for a while, I think the left eye came out a little bigger than I wanted, but it kind of gives him an animated Gandalf from the animated Hobbit look.
I also really like how the snow came out with this one. I figured out (read: probably gleamed from the forums) a way to make snow that I used and really found to my liking.
This dwarf was a bit of a speedpaint, I think I did him in only eight hours or so? The base was particularly rushed and I will probably remove that bit of grass and replace it with something.
You might notice his lovely turquoise pants and blue beard and wonder where did that idea of genius come from?
This bad to the bones dwarf



and lastly here's a non Red Box miniature, Darksword's The Hound. Base needs cleaned up and I'm not super excited about the freehand, but I think my metals came out rather well.



Thanks for looking! Work has died down a bit and my days aren't just wake, work, home, eat, sleep so often so I should be able to a bit more active. At least I hope so anyway!








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I feel your pain with the work schedule. And your doing a great job on the minis. Tre's sculpts are so small, and delicate!

Thanks! Yeah Tre's sculpts are amazing and I always find myself spending so much time just making sure I've go tall the details. For instance with he elf wizardess I had based her and was getting ready to take the photos (see: ask my girlfriend to do it, since I'm bad at it) and realized I forgot to paint her big honking ring on her right hand. I love the work Tre puts into his sculpts.


i really like the eyes on the wizard. He has an ominous look in those eyes. That guy is not to be trusted.

Thanks! Up until I finished the adventuring elf wizard this older wizard might have occupied my best painted miniature spot (they were a few days apart). I fiddled with the eyes for some time, but what you see was the best result I could achieve (that hood made things soooooo hard). I agree though that he has an ominous look in his eyes and I think it actually works rather well, and it just reminds me of how Gandalf looks here:




I love your color choices.

Thank you! I can't take credit for the dwarf, that's all LJN toys :p but I do really strive to pick good colors. I'm constantly asking my girlfriend what color I should make something (she's a graphic designer) she's 100% responsible for the old wizards staff being topped with the orange ball, and it ends up being one of my favorite parts of the miniature.


Basically how I approach my color selection is that I try to envision what PCs, or NPCs would wear in my idealized low fantasy RPG setting and go from there.


Again thanks for the comments, and views everyone! I sure do love how amazing this miniature community can be.

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