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So whilst I am waiting for my Bones to arrive I have plenty of little (and big) projects I want to get out of the way. I'm glad to say that this is one of them and its the first project I have finished all year so far.

The D&D game I run is pretty huge and we have over a dozen or so players who drop in and out as their schedules permit. I have been trying to put together appropriate figs for all the PC's for some time and I finally have them all finished as of yesterday. Its been a long job, but here they are, apologies for lots of not great pics)...


Creosus the Cleric and Symeon the Bard (Heresy and Hasslfree figs)




Crest Morningtide - Water Genasi Warlord and Hertha - Satyr Druid (Crocodile games and Heresy)




Brimstone the Dwarven Shaman and Yaskin the Goblin Rogue (old Citadel and very very old Citadel)




Miles Arcana - Swordmage and Meavoi - Goliath Warden (GW and Heresy)




Mya - Sorceress and Kiera - Rogue (Heresy & Hasslefree)




Unsung - Warforged Warlock (converted from an Infinity Pan Oceana Knight with some old bits to make the rod)




Broadsword - Warforged fighter (converted from a Mageknight steam golem and some old broken troll bits)




Brug Gundersson - Half Orc Barbarian (kitbashed from GW bits)




Three-Point-Five - Warforged Artificer (kitbashed from a Mierce Miniatures Magaan the Warlock that my daughter managed to hit from the other side of the garden with a tennis ball and it exploded :lol: and a raid of my bits box)




And finally Dahlgren - Human Barbarian (Privateer Press)





Next up to finish off the Heroes for my Super Dungeon Explore and assemble the Grenadier Spectral Dragon.

Hopefully that won't take 6 months :;):

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and this reminds me that I need to paint a RPG classic groupfor myself, like 4-5 minis... cleric, mage, warrior, ranger, thief...

not that I need them, but if I'm painting a whole army that I won't use, maybe I could do that too.


nice selection here. I'm bit distracted by a shine on some of your minis.

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Yup, not all of them have been hit with the dullcote yet, I tend to leave the (semi matt) varnish to dry for a couple of days before topping it off with the Testors.

The groups Ranger, who maybe only plays once every 3 or 4 sessions, has asked where his mini is, so it seems like I'm not done after all and have ordered a Kaer Maga Duskwarden to do the job properly.

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