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The Last Hurrah Project..Photo Heavy

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1 hour ago, Glitterwolf said:

Good progress!


Thanks, Glitter. We are in the home stretch.


1 hour ago, PaulMuller said:

Round of Applause!
- Really inspiring stuff (some dedication there.. all the way back to 2013!).
- Even spied a few of my 4A cherubs early on in the timeline :}


...takes a bow.

Thanks, Paul. I am glad you like the stuff.

I actually started on The Last Hurrah when I moved down to Texas from Long Island in '10. That's when I learned how to take photos & post them.

The Cherubs are favorite minis...you did an OUTSTANDING job on them. They wound up haunting the Lust Potion #9 Distillery on the Witches' Isles.


23 minutes ago, KruleBear said:

Nice. He really is looking mischievous with paint on. 


Thanks, KruleBear. I am happy you like him. I think the eyes will finish off the prankster look...I hope.

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After spending a day playing around with the wings, I decided to leave them unadorned for now.
I may revisit them sometime or other or not, but for now the Faerie Dragon is done.
I took some photos of the Beasties in the Spooky Woods:




I used the retouch feature of The Camera of Continual Contrariness. The color are closer to actual,
although the backgrounds got darker. C'est la vie, eh?!

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Today was a Putz Day; i.e., I putzed around & accomplished little things. I made up s bunch of little conical mushrooms, AND started a new vignette/scenery base.

I found a cool live oak twig that had dead tree stump potential. SO I cleaned it up, base coated it, added some shelf mushrooms, glued it down on a florist foam &

wood disc base:



The roots, which are a bit hard to see in the photos, are hot glue that I teased out to give some texture:



Next I will cover the ground work with foam put & plumber's epoxy putty, then glue & sand.

This cluttered Little Rogue, a Goblin Bandit Leader may be a possible tenant for the base:



Taking this from start to finish might be an interesting trip. I don't think I have started taking photos of a piece this early on before.

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I have been looking at the Rat Gang I planned for the Blight's Sewer System. SO, being in base making mode, I started a sewer base:



The Fairy Catcher & his Street Prophet Associate got a little attention as well:



Should the Rat Gang get done, there is a vague possibility it would spur some work on The Blight itself....unlikely as that might be.

I ordered a Guild Ball Ratcatcher's Guild box set to add some oomph to the Reaper & Malifaux stuff I already have...unpainted.

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9 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

That sewer base is cool, I like the eyes that are looking up from the goo!



Thanks, Glitter...glad you like it. The Eyes give a reason why Ed Norton got paid more than Ralph Kramden (The Honeymooners for you Young Folk).

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Yesterday was a strange double trip to Marble Falls day, but I did the some moss, tentacles, & the base coat on the Sewer base:



That makes four recently made bases waiting on miniatures:



To be more accurate, they are waiting for me to make up my mind what I will put on them. They aren't the only bases waiting for my mind to function.

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