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The Last Hurrah Project..Photo Heavy

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It was a less productive Wyrd sort of day of today. I started on some bases: 



Got Wyrd's Twisted Alternate Tortoise & the Hare started:



AND dug out Seamus & his alter egos from the vault:



Things are starting to stir in The Blight.

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49 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

Uh oh...

Better not get out of the house after dark....



...it is always dark in The Blight or so I imagine it. The rest of the place is sun/moonlit depending on the hour.


23 minutes ago, robinh said:

i love the rabid rabbit!


He is a horrifying hare though...glad you like him, robinh. I have hopes for the paint job.

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6 minutes ago, Rigel said:

Seamus there was one of my primary inspirations for my Mister Hyde conversion! Looking forward to all these, especially the Tormentoise.


Seamus, his alter egos, & all his Living Impaired Ladies of the Evening are favorites with me also. I worked on the bases today.

I am having a new surge of enthusiasm for the project in general & the Blight in particular. The Red Chapel Crew with some additions, like Seedy Johann Apfel & Associates, will figure in the plans.

All that aside, I am looking forward to the finished pieces as well.Thanks for the reply, Rigel.

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As the day came to a screeching halt, the bases had gotten more colorful:



I tried a new FolkArt two part rust effect on the sewer pipes:



What develops today is anyone's guess...there are things Man was not meant to know!...just ask any woman.

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3 minutes ago, malefactus said:

What develops today is anyone's guess...there are things Man was not meant to know!...just ask any woman.


I dare not ask that question, it's three to one here, three to two if I count Brutus, but I know he will take their side when things get rough...

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1 hour ago, Glitterwolf said:


My vote is for one or two of the Goblin Gasblowers.

Maybe a rat or two to go with them?



That is a possibility, although more than one would be crowded:



This is Gaseous George. I did him in '11 according tho the bottom of the base He might be able to squeeze o the base with the other erect Fellow:



...from the back:



Something to think about...probably in the middle of a restless night.

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