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The Last Hurrah Project..Photo Heavy

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10 hours ago, Jasonator said:

I will keep this very very simple.. since I am floored by what I am looking at.



You are incredible !!!!

What a vision !!!!


Thanks for the simple, yet still enthusiastic response, Jay. You made getting out of bed worthwhile. I am delighted you like the new stuff.

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Thursday was lost to a trip to distant Bee Cave, & yesterday was a day of staring into space.

I did manage to remove some bases from a few Bones Rat Folk & the Christmas Gnome Tinker:



The Big Rat had some gaps between body & arms that required filling. Mama Rat got a new head to replace

the tiny otter like head she came with, a modesty restoring blouse, & some neck hair:



The Gnome will probably be based with one of the Lead Adventure Miniature Steam Punk Robots:



What is anything gets done today is anyone's guess.

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1 hour ago, Glitterwolf said:

Those bots are cool!


Hmmm, ratfolk, the sewers are getting more dangerous by the day, maybe send in those bots to cleanse them?


...the Rat Folk are an invisible threat. They move unseen & unsuspected in the darkness of the sewer. They strike & disappear.

Few people even believe that they exist.


Lead Adventure makes some really interesting stuff. Their Fantasy Renaissance & Steam Punk are outstanding. I am glad you 

like them. Thanks for the reply, Glitter!

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I decided on the minis for the sewer base today: a Racham Goblin Gas Blower turned Rat Hunter & an old Wyrd Rat:




AND I mounted up a couple of the WONDERFUL 3D miniatures Matakishi sent me to make a Moai with an attitude:



I did some minor modifications.

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On 12/25/2018 at 5:30 AM, Glitterwolf said:

The Rathunter looks right at home on that sewer base!

Wonderful choice.


The Moai is a pretty cool piece of terrain, or is it alive? Who can say?


The Rackham Guy & the Wyrd Rat do work nicely together & look like they belong on the sewer base. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Glitter.

I imagine The Moai only expresses himself when no one is watching. As viewers gazes turn toward him he withdraws his hand & pulls in his tongue.

Only the giggling can give him away.

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