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The Last Hurrah Project..Photo Heavy

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14 hours ago, Corsair said:

You need a couple of Wererats behind her and them all sneaking up behind the gas passers!


...I have a couple of Reaper's Wererats waiting in their blister...the new ones coming out on the 21 st are candidates for inclusion.

I have a number of other pieces from Reaper & Wyrd that will be part of the Gang as well. It should be a pretty healthy Unhealthy Crew.


38 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

She looks suitably angry!





Mama looks like she is always mad about something. Glad you like her, Glitter.

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Mama looks somewhat less garish in reality than in the retouched photos & somewhat brighter than in the untouched ones:



...see what I mean?

Yesterday I did up on of the Wizkids' Keg Barrels thinking to use Kegbreaker the Dwarf & his inebriated Goblin Friend  as guards. The keg was too unimpressive for two such stalwart  guards.

SO I dug up a Small Dwarven Barrel by Armorcast, made a base for it,  sculpted a bottom for it (the original casting was meant to have the bottom either on the ground or against a wall ), AND,

while I was at it, added a grinning Devil/Demon face to make it Demon Rum. Here's the results:



...major projects are spun from the simplest of intentions. Now I have a barroom scene whirling through my strange,  old mind.




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4 hours ago, Corsair said:

I love it! My Bloodbowl teams are sponsored by Wolf Whiz Ale, their slogan is "It's in the water!"


Thanks, Corsair...glad you like it. Demon Rum is how the Prohibitionists referred to all alcoholic beverages. I liked it as a actual variety of drink.

Wolf Whiz Ale must be a subsidiary of Rheingold.


2 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

I still love Mama Rat!


And that keg is great!

The face is a nice touch!

*** Are you sure you want to drink from me?***



Mama has a certain charm all her own. It goes along with her sweet disposition.

I am happy you like her & the keg. The keg bears a closer resemblance to the one in the Goblin Village than I had intended, but it does have a tail.

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2 hours ago, malefactus said:

SO I finished the Wizard. Before I post him in the Show Off section, you, mu Last Hurrah Folk, get to see him in The Spooky Woods:



Good night, Y'all!

Wolf whiz occurred while writing some  fluff the 40K Space Wolves. And I am really liking the looks of Old Bluebeard the Wizard [might be my comp, but his beard looks kinds blue to me]

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10 hours ago, Corsair said:

Wolf whiz occurred while writing some  fluff the 40K Space Wolves. And I am really liking the looks of Old Bluebeard the Wizard [might be my comp, but his beard looks kinds blue to me]


Coming up with good names for hooch is a fine art. The Runes of Loki had Glen Hoodle, that fine single malt (Glenn Hoodle, football fellow). That has been my inspiration over the years.

The beard has a slight bluish tint to it, but The Camera has added her touch to make it bluer than it is in reality...it take some doing to be bluer than reality of late.


6 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

He looks ready to take on anything the Spooky Woods can throw at him!


At least...that's what HE thinks...

Poor guy...


...I think he looks lost, but is putting on a bold face.

Thanks for the reply, Glitter.

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Yesterday I played around with bases. The Demon/Devil's Rum is painted. I decided it would look good on a gaming sized base for inclusion with Fast Flo's Crew:



I am experimenting with bases for the new Owl Bear:



This one might be a bit too large:



I am not a fan of Bones plastic, but the new stuff is excellent, hard plastic; no mold lines, nice detail, & no scrubbing required. Since taking the pics, I did a black wash without any problem.

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43 minutes ago, Corsair said:

Actually, that base is not too large for the owlbear. it is such a chunky critter it would overwhelm a smaller base.


I came to the same conclusion...yet another Great Minds moment. I glued him down & started painting the base. 

I'm planning on doing a variation of Strumfkopf's Chicken Bear color scheme from Lead Adventure Forum. 

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