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The Last Hurrah Project..Photo Heavy

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2 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Great sculpts as always.


Just some pics for you inspiration.



Thanks, Glitter. Ideas & inspiration are always appreciated.

AND the morning update! This is what was waiting for me when I turned on the worktable light:



These four were finished when I called it a day last night...why you called "calling it a day" when it's night is one of the mysteries of expression:



More will be sprouting up as the day progresses...or not.

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With the Mushrooms all green stuffed, I could turn my limited attention to those Jack O'Lanterns I had done dollies for:



I already had a few waiting in The Mushroom Box. Added to the new ones & with some Reaper/Reaper-like Jacks thrown in, this could be quite a Mob:




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5 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Aside from the more sentient ones, I also love those smaller clusters of shrooms.

Those will greatly enhance any base!


Thanks, Glitter. I try to have matching regular mushrooms to go along with the more personable ones. 

AND quite a lot of my miniatures have a mushroom or two gracing their bases..."wherever I go these bleeding mushrooms sprout up."

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Taking a lead from one of Glitter's suggestions I made a couple of arms to add to the scanty number of bare Zombie arms I have available & use the more abundant hands:



The volunteer test subject:



That seems to be a solution. I see how well it paints up later whenever.

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