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I've been working on The Project for some time now; inflicting various W.I.P. & finished photos on various & sundry Forums. Now your time has come. To start off, we'll take the Tour of Compo

AND as promised or threatened, if you prefer, a view of the Spooky Woods, Part I:   The Woods in the Distance: A Long & Winding Road:   Some Closeups: I h

While I'm at it... While I had hoped eventually to use the boards for gaming, with or without an opponent, in the interim they do make fine backgrounds for miniature photos & an occasional st

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AND it looks like it may very well be YET ANOTHER Year of The Goblin...or not.
Today I have the G.W. Loon Boss' base just about done & Leo got a touch up & stripey pants:




The call of Steam Punk may interrupt the Goblin progress or vice versa.  

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2 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Steam Punk, with steam powered snails etc?

Oh yeah!


...I was actually going to start on the Steam Powered Snail today, but it had disappeared...again.


2 hours ago, snitchythedog said:

Did someone say steampunk?




I had done the Mushroom Furnace & the Steam Punk Observatory, but I never got the Buddha.

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SOI have been puttering around the last couple of days. I did up a bunch of more or less normal mushrooms (not pictured here), found my Steam Powered/Punk Snail & started on his/her/whatever's base, AN made four new Mushrooms, two of which are a new species:



The Snail with Loon Boss & Leo:



AND the Mushrooms...the new type to the left (they may get fangs):



More later...or not!

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I having been puttering around with some bases the last two days:




Not really exciting stuff, but I do enjoy doing bases...another sign of imminent senility I am sure.

The seedy little Dragon to the right is a Grenadier/Mirliton Pond Dragon.

I also found a new Mushroom on Pinterest that I have to try my hand at:



Until whenever!

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48 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

The pinterest inspirational shroom is a great idea!


I thought so too. The tubular ones & the beady ones are really interesting. I definitely have to give them a try.

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