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The Last Hurrah Project..Photo Heavy

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1 hour ago, TGP said:

What is / was your painting formula for the walkways, boardwalks, and catwalks in the goblin village?  I would like to emulate it someday (I have lots of craft sticks in a 28mm "lumberyard" that I would like to turn into a swamp town or dockside type of setting.)


First I distress the wood (balsa, bass wood, & insulation foam) by drawing a saw with the grain from one end to the othe. Doing it on a slight angle give a more natural effect than a straight up tear.

Then I do my white dry brush over a black wash. I had been doing a charcoal then desert sand dry brush with a wash of bitter sweet chocolate & black mix(all these colors are Americana). Lately, since the charcoal was discontinued) I substitute Mississippi Mud or Mushroom for the charcoal.


My buildings, by the way, are not removable.

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11 hours ago, canuckotter said:

As always, the figures on their own are a delight and when placed in your world become even more extraordinary. ^_^


Thanks for the reply, canuckotter. I am happy you enjoy the stuff & the setting. I love hearing from you.

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2 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

I love your world, the Dragon is a great addition, he has just the right pose and expression.

The scarf adds to the character.


He does seem to fit right in. I think it is mostly the silly grin, but the scarf helps.

I am delighted you enjoy the stuff, Glitter. Thanks for the reply.

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Yesterday I did a modification on a L.A.M. Goblin. He was meant to be a Dwarfen captive/slave. I did some modifying on the Lad to give him a raggedy free Goblin looking for a gold mine of his own. I made up some mushrooms for the base & by evening he was at this stage:




Today he got his base coat:




More later...whenever that is.

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16 hours ago, canuckotter said:

That dragon fits the character of your world so perfectly, and I can't imagine him without the scarf! He would just look so naked without it. ^_^


The latest goblin looks like he should fit in beautifully. ::D:


Thanks for the kind reply, canuckotter! I am glad you like the stuff....the scarf does seem to suit the Dragons nicely.

I have hopes for the Goblin. I am thinking of him now as a Mushroom Ranger, tending & guarding the Mushrooms in a manner similar to Smokey the Bear & his forests.

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3 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

That's a lot of stuff!


It is quite a few the way I paint now. When I was a historical gamer, what I have here is less than the smallest of usable units.

I have been getting nostalgic for the games I played in my misspent youth.

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